Wearing History Photo Contest!!!

Hi everyone!

My new site migration is complete, and to celebrate opening I have a very exciting announcement!


The first EVER Wearing History Photo Contest!

This is an excuse for you to show off your fantastic outfits and styling abilities.  And it’s open to both SEWISTS AND READY TO WEAR CLOTHING customers!

I want to see your style and skills!  PLUS I’ve got pretty awesome prizes.  You can pick from sewing patterns or clothing on the new Wearing History website!


So are you ready to go?  It’s easy to enter as many times as you like.  Here’s how:


Easy peasy.

Just hop on over to Wearing History’s new site and leave a photo review for a pattern you sewed from Wearing History Patterns or a garment you bought from Wearing History Clothing.  The photo review will be used on the site and the photo will be posted to the Wearing History Facebook page.  Please add a text review as well so we can know more about what you’re wearing and what inspired you.


  • The photo entry must be of an item you made from a Wearing History Pattern OR you wearing an item you bought from Wearing History Clothing.
  • You must have all rights to the photo. If it was taken by a photographer, you must ask permission of the photographer before entering and give credit in your entry (i.e. Photo used with permission of XYZ photography).  Really ASK!  If you don’t get permission from the photographer, your entry may be disqualified.
  • One photo entry is allowed per individual garment or pattern.  For example- if you made a dress from a pattern, but have 3 photos of that dress, you can only enter 1 photo.  A photo collage in one photo counts as one entry.
  • You can enter as many times as you want , but only once per pattern or article of clothing.  Entries must all be for different articles of clothing or patterns.  Additional photos per individual item will not count in this contest.
  • If you wear, for example, a blouse and a pair of pants and both were from Wearing History, you cannot enter the same photo for both the blouse AND pants.  But you can enter two different photos of the same outfit so you can enter one for the blouse and one for the pants.
  • By entering the contest you consent to have your photo added on the Wearing History website and the Wearing History Facebook page. Your photo may also be used elsewhere to promote Wearing History.  It’s your chance to be a model and show your skills!
  • It is permissiable to use a model(or friend, or family member) for an article of clothing you sewed, providing that the model and any parties who were involved in the photo are credited by you in your entry, and all parties involved have given permission for your photo to be used in this contest and by Wearing History at a future date.
  • You do not need to buy new patterns or clothing to enter (though you can if you’d like to!).  Feel free to use patterns in your stash you bought from Wearing History previously, or use your Wearing History Clothing that’s already in your closet!
  • Your entries do not need to be current “makes” or current photos.  You can have made it in the past, but the entry must be for one of the currently available offerings from Wearing History (not discontinued patterns or clothing).
  • Please make sure your photos are rated PG.  This isn’t a Pin Up contest and these should be family friendly photos.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Award amounts have no cash value and the award amount must be used in one transaction.  Any award amount not used in the transaction will be void for future purchases.
  • Award amount expires April 4, 2016.
  • By submitting your photo you consent to these rules and regulations.


To make the contest fair, the judging will happen on two levels.

  1. A pre-selected panel of secret judges.  These judges are personally selected by me and their votes will be confidential.  The judges will vote their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd favorites in 3 different categories.  The 3 categories are Visual Composition, Creativity, and Styling.  This is a PHOTO CONTEST, so we’re not judging your skill of sewing at all in this contest.  The totals will be tallied for these three categories and placed for this voting method.
  2. Photo voting on Facebook.  Your photo will be uploaded to an album on the Wearing History page and the total amount of “likes” a photo gets will determine the placing for this voting method.  “Shares” do not count for votes, but can share to help get the word out.  The Facebook album goes up after April 4, 2015 (the close of submission date), so all photo entries have a fair chance and are up for the same amount of time.

When the winners of these two different voting methods are combined, it will determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners.  Each of the two voting have equal importance in determining the final winners.  Your combined score is what counts!

You May Submit Your Photos Until April 4, 2015.  

You, of course, may continue to submit photos reviews after that date, but they will not count as contest entries.

The Facebook album of all submitted photos will go up after the end of the deadline, so everyone has a fair chance at the second part of the voting process.  Facebook voting will last for two weeks from when the album goes up for voting.  Then the totals of both entries will be tallied, and we’ll announce a winner a week after the end of the voting.

Can’t wait to see what you enter!


Outfit Post: A “Modern” Me

I usually don’t post my “modern” outfits, but today I went to the Los Angeles Textile Show to hunt for future fabrics for the Wearing History Clothing line, and on the way home two baristas in a local cafe told me I looked “adorable”.  I mean, seriously, I was SO flattered I think I turned a shade of pink.

So I decided to share my outfit. Not because I think I’m “adorable”, but because I’m kinda in love with my duds.  I do like modern clothes, too.  Plus I took a kitty picture. And who doesn’t like kitty pictures?texout03 texout02 texout01

Outfit details:

Blouse- Meadow Rue
Pants- Brooks Brothers (thrifted)
Shoes- Vintage golf shoes (bought and cleats removed by my friend)
Necklace- New composed of vintage parts
Glasses- Vintage (found antiquing in Arizona)
Head Scarf- Vinatge


Wearing History Updates: Etsy, Vat, & New Site

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to check in and update about the changes that have been going on here.

I want to update that all E-Patterns have now been listed in my Wearing History Etsy shop, so they are once again available for all customers worldwide.

I’ve been working like crazy on this transition, which has included re-listing and uploading and starting to build a brand new site.

Although not all items are up, both Wearing History Patterns and Wearing History Clothing will be consolidated to one side:  Feel free to bookmark it now.

I’m still adding product, but checkout has been enabled so you can begin to shop on there for the patterns that have been listed so far.  Both printed patterns and digital product (like E-patterns) will be available on that site.  EU customers may purchase e-patterns on Etsy (as I’m not equipped to deal with the new digital VAT requirements), but they can purchase physical, mailed product from my new site.   Everyone else worldwide can shop like usual from the new site.  Eventually both of my previous sites for clothing and patterns will be redirected to

Phew!  Such a lot of work!  But I’m happy I’m able to keep offering e-patterns to everyone, and thankful that Etsy found a way to make dealing with Digital VAT a lot easier for us small businesses.

I guess that’s the big update!  I’ll keep you all up to snuff on how it’s going and let you know when the migration is complete.




Outfit Post: Agent Carter Inspired at the LA Air Raid

Last night was the Great Los Angeles Air Raid, an annual fundraiser event in San Pedro, California.

I didn’t think ahead on my outfit at all, so the morning of I felt inspired to play Agent Carter, so pulled together an outfit around that idea.  The show has become one of my favorites.

IMG_5094 IMG_5098 IMG_5081 IMG_5080IMG_5079


Outfit details:

Hat, overcoat, and jacket- vintage.

blouse- me made.

pants- Smooth Sailing from Wearing History Clothing.

Update: E-Patterns and Digital VAT

Hi there,

This is an update post about the digital VAT issue I mentioned in my last blog post.  If you’re not up to date, read that first.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to build a new website.  I’ve been meaning to consolidate sites anyways, but this new website will be for both my sewing patterns and clothing, and I’ll be moving all items onto those sites.  I’m going to re-direct the old links to the new site once it’s up and running so you can still find me via and  Eventually my blog will be directed to that new site as well, so everything will be under one roof.  Right now I’m spread out over four different websites, so that’s quite confusing and hard to manage anyways.

So, what does this mean for the digital VAT on e-patterns for EU buyers?  I’ve found that Etsy will collect and and remit the digital VAT, so all my EU e-pattern customers will be able to purchase e-patterns through Etsy.  They will still be able to purchase mailed patterns and clothing through my website, since I do not need to collect and remit VAT on physical products.

Why the decision?  Well, simply because it’s really complicated and difficult for me as a single person company to register in a EU country for VAT, keep track of all sales and VAT paid, collect all the required information (two types of proof of country the buyer is located), and keep that info on file for 10 years.  I already spend at least half of my time on administrative tasks between the patterns and clothing line, so adding more on that side of things will mean less pretty patterns and clothing will be able to be made.  And I want to make pretty patterns and clothing, because that’s why I’m doing this in the first place!  So, yes, there will be fees for me on the seller’s end, but if it means I can keep creating new products, then it’s worth it to me to pay the fees and not deal with the VAT on the administrative side.

My new website will have a banner for EU customers to click through and buy e-patterns through Etsy.  When I get the green flag from Etsy that their new VAT program is up and running the e-patterns will be listed on there and available for EU customers again.

Non-EU customers will be able to buy them on Etsy, too, but if you buy them on my new website it will be better for me (no fees!  no fees for me means more to invest in new pretty things for you!).

In the meantime, if you have bought E-patterns from my current site and have not downloaded them, I urgently suggest you download them now, because I can’t transfer your orders to the new site.

Kickstarter e-pattern backers- If you got a coupon code for your Kickstarter pledge, but have not checked out with the code yet, your code will be transferred to the new website once it’s up and running.  You can still redeem it at my pattern website now, unless you’re in the EU.  If you are in the EU, message me through Kickstarter so I can get you your epattern if you haven’t redeemed it already.  If you already checked out for ANY epatterns on my site (Kickstarter or not) make sure you download your patterns now if you haven’t already.  Previous orders cannot be transferred to my new system,  and I can’t see who checked out but didn’t download on the current system.

So, there you have it.

I’ll be posting once I get the new site up and running and I’ll come up with something fun for the launch.  Maybe a contest. Or a giveaway.  Or both :)

Thanks so much for your patience while I figure this out and implement the new plan!





Pattern Website Changes & EU VAT Requirements

Howdy all,

Just a quick note to say that I’ve had to temporarily disable pattern sales for customers in the EU (European Union) because of the new digital VAT requirements.

So, as I search for a solution to this problem, since my current website is not set up to be able to handle these changes, I’ve had to disable all EU sales.

I’m working as quickly as possible at finding a solution.  For right now, that looks like I’ll have to be building a new website, or switching all digital products over to a site like Etsy- who handles all the VAT, but does have a downside for me as a seller because of fees involved.

Because of this, I highly suggest that if you previously purchased any e-patterns from me and have not yet downloaded them, go download them now REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU LIVE.  I won’t be able to change over any purchases to a new system, because I can’t see who downloaded their purchases and who didn’t (It’s all taken care of by my website system hidden away in the magical code that I’m clueless about).

If you pledged for E-patterns in my Kickstarter and live in the EU and haven’t claimed them yet,  contact me through Kickstarter so we can figure it out privately, since you bought the item before the  new regulations were in place.

And in case you’re wondering what I’m talking about and how outside countries can force residents of other countries to collect VAT for them- I’m clueless.  But you can read all about it here, because apparently they can.  And I highly suggest you sign the petition, if you want to see small businesses like my pattern business continue to be able to operate, because these changes will have a HUGE impact on micro-businesses like mine and countless others, many of whom are in the hobby sewing and craft industry.


Last Week In Pictures

In an attempt to be better at blogging, I’m going to try to share a photo recap of my week from my Instagram posts.  Some weeks may be more exciting than others.  But since I’m a very visual person I love photos and am better at taking little snapshots that sitting and planning big posts (which is probably why the blog has been neglected.  Sorry, readers!)


image image image image

image image

image image image

My husband in a custom cap by Monsivais Caps and Cravats.  We were excited to be able to stock some of his hats at Inspiration.


The BIG NEWS is that we had our very first booth at Inspiration Los Angeles and we LOVED IT!  By we, I mean my husband and I, because he’s my constant source of help.  We can’t wait for next year!

Hope you all had a wonderful week!