This is It! Only a few hours left to support Wearing History on Kickstarter!


This is it!  We’re counting down the hours!!

Perks of pre-ordering and pledging:

  • Discounts on e-patterns 
  • Limited edition tote bags, only available for Kickstarter supporters
  • Discounts on garment packages 
  • Free shipping if you’re in the USA 
  • I pay sales tax if you’re located in California. 

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Ending Today! Wearing History Clothing Kickstarter!

Just a reminder that my Kickstarter campaign ends today!!!

The original goal was met, but there are still much needed tools!

I received feedback for more sizing, so that means meeting our stretch goals so that can happen!

A reminder, here’s the stretch goals.  To make more sizing happen, we have to meet the stretch goals!



Today is the last day to make this happen!!!  There’s only hours left to pledge and support!!

Please help by sharing the Kickstarter link with your friends.  Help get the word out!

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Help Me Understand Our Sizing Needs By Taking Our Survey!

Hi everyone!

Wow, as I post this there’s only about 50 hours to go!  We’re getting SO close to the end!

I still have high hopes that we might meet the stretch goals and add to sizing.

In anticipation of meeting our stretch goals, I’ve created a survey that will help me chose the best dress form for our needs. Please help me out by taking this survey to see what the average needs and descriptions are of our followers and supporters is. Thank you!

I NEED YOUR HELP THESE LAST FEW DAYS- Don’t forget, we still need to reach $19,000 for the dress form needed to expand Misses’ sizing, $23,000 the dress form needed to introduce plus sizes.  Please help me reach that goal so I can accommodate the needs in the vintage clothing community by offering future styles in sizes that will fit a greater variety of people.  Please help by getting the word out about my Kickstarter by sharing with your friends via email, blog posts, Facebook, twitter, or any other ways you can!




Time is Running Out to Support!


Oh my!  The Kickstarter counter is down to hours!  Just 52 hours left to support me and help get tools that are much needed to expand the sizing for the next run of clothing!


We’re a little over $2,000 away from the first stretch goal.  I’m biting my fingernails!  I really hope we make it so I can accommodate more sizing with the next designs!


Don’t forget to pledge!  You can get limited edition tote bags in a design that is unique to the Kickstarter!  Outside pockets, a snap at center of the bag, and cute patriotic red, which and blue stripes!


Pre-ordering means you get discounts on any garments made with our signature print!  These are limited editions, so make sure you grab yours now at a discount!

Other reasons to pledge:

  • E-pattern discounts
  • Limited edition tote bags (while supplies last)
  • Discounts on all the signature print garments
  • Discounts on garment packages
  • Knowing you support independent design and business
  • Supporting us supports local business
  • Meeting the stretch goals means more sizes get made in the future

Please help us out!  Just a few days left!  ALL funds raised through Kickstarter will be going to business expenses and tools needed!!




Pre-Order NOW for Discounts! 3 DAYS LEFT! Plus a Fabric Update!

Hello everyone!

I have an announcement about the custom printed and custom dyed fabric we are using for the Scarf/Turban, the Norma Jean Blouse, and the Maisie Dress.



(Norma Jean blouse.  Pre-order via Kickstarter for $96.  Retails for $99.50)

After intense product testing, I have made the decision to upgrade the fabric from Rayon Challis to a Tencel fabric (previously classified as a type or rayon).  Because I want these to be the best they can be, I have tested several samples from several fabric distributors to find one of better quality that will still give the look of a vintage garment.  After testing, the rayon challis pilled too easily and I did not feel happy in the quality.  The new fabric has so many benefits, both ecologically and performance wise, that it is a much better decision for these garments.

IMG_3561s(Maisie Dress.  Pre-Order via Kickstarter for $200.  Retails for $225)


THIS MEANS THE KICKSTARTER PRICES ARE DISCOUNTED FROM THE NEW PRICES ON MY WEBSITE.  Only 3 days left to get the items at a discount if you want one of these garments!

Tencel (also called Lyocell) is best described in this quote from Wikipedia:  “The US Federal Trade Commission defines Lyocell as a fiber ‘composed of cellulose precipitated from an organic solution in which no substitution of the hydroxyl groups takes place and no chemical intermediates are formed’. It classifies the fiber as a sub-category of rayon.[”



(Scarf/Turban.  Pre-Order for $35 via Kickstarter.  Retails for $40)

Here’s other reasons why this fabric is superior to standard rayon:

Environmentally friendly.  Rayon has been historically very hard on the environment, both in the way the trees are harvested for it’s production, and the byproduct in terms of waste of production.  Lyocell is made from farmed trees and has almost no byproduct that is harmful to the environment. It’s called “closed loop processing”.  It is classified as “eco-friendly”

Stronger when wet or dry than rayon, but with the nice drape we love from rayon fabric.

More wrinkle resistant than rayon.

Tighter weave than rayon challis.

Closer to “cold” vintage rayon hand than modern rayon.

Tencel is very breathable and moisture wicking, which means it’s good for dancing.

Of course, all these benefits come with an increase in actual fabric cost (the tencel is 2x as much per yard as rayon challis), but the pre-order price of the Kickstarter for the garments that include this custom fabric will NOT be changed.  Your orders are all intact and the price will not deviate from what you pledged for.  Plus, the quality difference makes this change worthwhile to me, and I want to make sure you LOVE these garments!  The prices on my website, however, will change, so you guys are getting a bonus for pre-ordering :)


(Scarf/Turban.  Pre-Order for $35 via Kickstarter.  Retails for $40)

I do need to let you know, however, that there is a delay E.T.A. of the fabric.  The supplier does not have the total amount I need in stock, and expects the fabric to arrive mid-October.  I have looked at other suppliers, but find the quality of this product to be superior to those offered by other fabric distributers.  Because of this, we will most likely not meet shipping dates of early November.

I will keep you updated on the status of the fabric, and when we go into production.  I am certain that the improved quality of the garments will make this decision worth the wait.

You get even bigger discounts if you pre-order garment packages!!

Only a few days left to pre-order!  If you want one of these garments, get your orders in now via Kickstarter!!

Thank you!



Wavecrest Woodie Wagon Meet, Encinitas


I finally got to go check out the Wavecrest Woodie Meet in Encinitas at Moonlight Beach!  This happens once a year, and the last time my husband got to go but I didn’t.  This year I finally got to attend!


In high school my dream car was a woodie wagon.  I was really into old school surfing, and loved the idea of having a woodie wagon.  At one point, we were there by the ocean with a live group of musicians playing bluegrass, and all these amazing cars.  It was completely idyllic to me!



The care above would have been my dream car in high school!  Plus it has long board surfboards and skateboards, which were two of my favorite things to do.  I don’t think I’d be even able to stand up on either anymore!


This was one of my VERY favorites.  It was purposefully painted to look “rustic”, so fulfilled my Indiana Jones type adventure dreams.


Check out how cool the handles on the door are!


This was my other favorite.  I’d LOVE to cruise in this car with my friends!
IMG_4495 IMG_4496 IMG_4497

I loved the car below, with his display of vintage ukeleles.  He said if he set that up he’d get more girls interested and wouldn’t have to just “talk cars” all day with guys.  LOL!

IMG_4506 IMG_4508 IMG_4530

Some of the dashboards were just incredible. My husband said the brown plastic here was made using peanuts, so is rare to see surviving.


I loved the grill and the fish hood ornament on this Mercury


I love the lettering on the wood of this car.


Another dream car- a woodie wagon BUS!  I told my husband I wanted it for a vintage “motorhome.”  Can you imagine how fun road trips and camp outs would be in this thing?  (There’s me being Vanna White).

IMG_4584And a boat car!  By Rolls Royce, my husband said these are SUPER rare.

Do you like these kind of cars?


Stretch Goal Updates, Including Sizing Info, Etc


Hello everyone!

We’ve got just under a week left for the Wearing History Clothing Kickstarter campaign!   We’ve met the minimum funding goal and are now working on the Stretch Goals!  THANK YOU!!

I was in contact with the company who I would like to use for the dress forms.   I chose these forms because, unlike other forms,  their shape were built upon heavy research of current body types around the world.  If you want to find out more information, visit Alvanon’s website.

The main reason behind this choice= YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR BASE MATERIALS.  Budget form=budget fit.  I want the clothes to fit better an feel better, so that means our new forms will have to meet pretty high standard.  I believe these do so.

The bad news… the forms are over $2,000 each, plus over $1,000 in freight.  To allow for Kickstarter + credit card fees, this makes the total for each form in the neighborhood of $4,000.  So, my stretch goals have been updated to reflect those amounts.


I know the current range is VERY limited.  If you don’t understand why, please read my prior blog post before commenting.

By getting the new form, this enables an expansion in sizing, so any future designs would be based on this range.  ALL CURRENT GARMENTS MEET THE SIZE CHART ON THE KICKSTARTER.  So don’t order based on this size chart… that will be down the line if we meet the stretch goal!


The addition of the new dress form means all future garments will reach a much more universal size chart.  This form is used by some of the top industry professionals, so will be more in line with the sizing we’re accustomed to at retail stores.


After the first stretch goal is met, we work toward the second stretch goal.  This will enable me to start working on the future addition of plus sizes.

After consulting various friends who are much more in tune with plus sizes, I am determined I must use an AlvaForm for the addition of plus sizes.  It’s used by companies like Lane Bryant.

Here is a tentative size chart, should I be able to add plus size.  The numbers may not match up to measurements as you’re used to seeing.


Of course, NONE OF THE PROPOSED SIZE CHARTS WILL HAPPEN if we do not meet the stretch goal.

Once the Kickstarter ends, the business has to use all funds from sales to pay for other business expenses.  It would take a very long time, perhaps 5 years or more, to be able to think of doing additional ranges for plus size if we don’t meet the second goal.

If we’re able to reach $27,000 then we add a men’s form to be able to do menswear in the future.

All the details have yet to be ironed out on actual size charts, etc, but I wanted to provide a visual of what I propose to do if we should be able to reach stretch goals.

So, if you want to see this happen, PLEASE help support and spread the word as much as possible!  Just about 6 days left, and that’s it!!

Click here to visit the Kickstarter and support!

Thank you!!