>1790s Dotted Swiss- Finished

>One more off of the list! This one is totally finished now. I did hand tack the pleats at the CB and added a little pad under where the pleating is so it doesn’t collapse into my back.

To Do’s for Costume College are still:
*Finish fastenings on Edwardian Princess dress and figure out how to add length to the hem.
*Finish the Edwardian hat.
*Add a loop at CF under bust on the Regency slip (to make sure the drawstring front doesn’t wiggle down while I’m wearing it.
*Figure out something for the Gala (maybe overdress for this dress or something like that).
I don’t even want to think about how long we have left! I just want to get it done. Since I’m going for that other wedding gown, at least that gives me one last thing to think about right now :)

About my site.
I forgot to add that it took me nearly all day to track down these pictures, resize them, and work on my site but I really want to have an online portfolio again so here at least are thumbnails to hold the spots for photos. I’ve lost most all of my pictures and dress diaries when my other computers crashed, but I have a photo here and there. I still have a lot that’s missing, but over time I hope I find them!

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