>Link- Tilly and the Buttons- Cutting Out the Right Size Pattern

>Happy Sunday everyone!
I just wanted to post a link that I think everyone should read-  Tilly and the Buttons posted a blog about Cutting out the Right Size Pattern.  This is what I do every time I make myself a garment and it’s VERY helpful and a great place to start!
Just a couple extra things to note about vintage patterns (and indie patterns)- a lot run true to size or a little on the small side- so even though they don’t have the ease of modern commercial patterns you can make sure you don’t cut too small!  Best start is to measure the actual pattern and then trace it off onto paper (many like Swedish tracing paper for printed or modern patterns because you can see through it)- so do that first, then do your adjustments.  And make sure you factor in your ease!
Thanks for the great post, Tilly!

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