>1917 Silk Dress

>I sewed. From Past Patterns Vintage Revivals linky
Pretty easy, went together fast. Had to basically re-draft the lining and rearrange the armholes to match. Basically no instructions, so you have to already be familiar with period construction and not printed so much, so have to know how to read vintage perforations, but other than that it goes together well. Still needs a belt (just used a ribbon to show fit) and a hem on the bottom skirt, and hand tacking at the yoke inside, and I have trim to sew on to cover the hems, but that’s it! I know, I should be sewing wedding dress, but my Pfaff and all it’s feet is in the shop, so I’m stuck till it gets back. And why waste a perfectly good saturday which could be spent sewing? ;)

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