>A couple of cotton dresses

>Home sick.  Got warned that if we’re getting sick to stay home from work, so here I am.  Kinda wierd and sniffy and dizzyish but not wretched.

In any way… here’s the dress I nearly finished that I started on Sunday night.  Just needs a hem:

IF this were to be for sale…
Fabric cost abt $3 a yard at 4 yards= $12
White collar facing at 1/3 yard at $3 a yard= $1
Rick rack at $2
Zipper at $0.50
6 hours of sewing and cutting (assuming you’re paying a seamstress $10 an hour) $60.  (If paying min. wage an hour= $48)
Production cost: $75.50 ($63.50)
Sale cost (including profit and business cost direct and not through a retailer): $150 ($127)

Makes me think a lot about value of seamstresses.  I know I wouldn’t be willing to be paid min. wage, so maybe it would be best to have it be a little more expensive and have a better product because of more experienced seamstresses and happier workers

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