>a quiltin' and creatin'

>Kind of like Feudin’ a Fussin’ and a Fightin’ but less athletic? (Dorothy Shay, the Park Avenue Hillbilly, how I love you).
My honey got me a quilt frame as a belated birthday present! Hurrah!  Just to please  my twenty-nine going on ninety status I now can quilt in front of the TV.  Oh yes, and I do, too.  We don’t actually have TV anymore, but DVDs do the trick.  I’ve been working away teaching myself to hand quilt on a Log Cabin quilt I finished last autumn.   Why is it that October equals quilt inspiration?

I feel so thankful to have already sold the little halter top I put up yesterday!  Woohoo! Inspired by my sale I started a project that will  hopefully be done and up tomorrow- and here’s a sneak peek.  Ok, back to sewing for me!

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