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Daydreaming back to 2009- my husband and spent two lovely weeks visiting friends in England and also spent a weekend in Paris.  I wanted to share some photographs I took while we were shopping the Paris flea markets.  Paris truly is a feast for the eyes and I was on artistic overload-  nearly everything popped out to me as gorgeous intentional or unintentional artistic composition!  I did have a card from the shop I took the first three of these photos of with their consent (it was in the Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen) but unfortunately I have misplaced it.  If anyone knows, please feel free to comment!
The photo above is actually a table of new old stock vintage buttons on their original cards!
Markets visited were Puces de Saint-Ouen and Porte de Vanves.
When most people think of the Paris Flea Market they think of Saint-Ouen.  This large market is made of many permanent structures that house smaller markets and can be an all day affair.  It’s HUGE.  Prices ranged from the uncommon deal to somewhat expensive- most prices seemed average.  We visited the Dauphine Market and the Vernaison Market.  The Saint-Ouen market is on the edge of the city and can be quite a metro ride from the city center and is not near any of the normal Paris tourist attractions.  It is kind of shady until you actually get into the market.  My advice is to make sure you have your return metro tickets purchased before you get there to make your way back somewhat quickly.  When my husband and I went it was very crowded and we had to stand in line for tickets.  My husband said people were trying to pickpocket him many times, even in front of the policeman and big dog he had with him.  After in the market, however, it seems pretty safe but take normal precautions you do when traveling in a strange city.
The photo above of the carosel horse was actually taken at the Tuileries, but it had a similar feel so I wanted to include it here.
Many thanks to Charlotte of Tuppence Ha’penny blog for pointing out the Lo-Fi App, which I used on my pictures!
Happy Friday!

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