>Black Negligee or Evening Gown, Circa 1937

>I have to confess this one has me stumped. I purchased it on eBay listed as a negligee, but the styling look so much like evening gowns from 1937! I know there were collars and sleeves like this from 36-37 (see this pattern) and dresses open down the front that were often worn with patterned or contrast slips from 37-39 (see this pattern) so it’s not unreasonable that it is an evening dress or just a negligee. Unfortunately there are holes in the netting and the netting is a synthetic and is somewhat brittle, though still pliant enough for just a very short interlude… say a fashion show where I was the model with no sitting involved. I suppose this is best as a pattern or an example of construction. Interestingly enough, the seams are pretty much unfinished on the inside. The clever little trick they did was the grosgrain or petersham contrast ribbon for trim with little mitered edges at the corners. The slip was given to me by Sara Klotz de Aguilar, or Miss 1929 on the Fedora Lounge. Thankfully I have another dress I’ve got to fix up that is exactly the same shade so I don’t have to put her generous gift aside! It’s a lovely sea foam green gown with coral beading at the bodice and sleeves, but I have to figure out a new sleeve treatment as the previous owner ripped them right out of the armholes! The slip just took tiny mends here and there and some seam re-enforcement and now it’s ready! There are two things out of my mending pile completed today!
Here’s pics of the slip and the dress, and a scandalous rear view ;) Slip fits me but not the mannequin!

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