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I just found this set of old photos tucked inside a forgotten family album.  Years of memories and images of people and families just sitting in antique stores, waiting to be adopted.  That’s part of why I wanted to start sharing these old photos and bring these little works of art meets history meets life together to share.

I had never noticed old photos where the people posed with candlestick phones, but aren’t they sweet? I believe these probably date to the 1910s, as they were tucked in with other photos from around that same time.  Her middy blouse is just darling, and I love the look of the gent with the hat, and then the more casual poses with the phone.  I also love how the trio of photos of John are double exposed at the top!

Speaking of middy tops, have you seen the sailor style series that Charlotte is doing on the Tuppence Ha’penny blog?  I’m completely over run with inspiration!

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