>1930s shirt and jacket

>30’s shirt.

So, I told myself that as a break that if I listed stuff on Ebay today I was allowed to sew real clothes for myself. So… I started a 1930’s jacket.

From the pattern stash, a mid 30’s jacket pattern. I wanted the one with wide lapels because it was the only jacket pattern that would fit my B Black and Sons remnant bin piece of wool.

Ta da!
I’m not too happy with how thin it is, but ah well- what do you want for only 3 hours of work. Just needs buttonholes and a hem at the bottom and sleeves. It’s unlined, so I guess I could tack the facing to the interlining, too- if I get industrious.

And I was wondering, does anyone know that trick for making the sleeve caps hold shape more? I remember it was a piece of fabric but I don’t remember what kind and how long of a strip..

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  1. reilly
    February 27, 2010 at 9:15 pm (12 years ago)

    >How did I ever miss this post?! Your whole outfit at the bottom is swoon-worthy, I love the boots with it!