>What Real People Wore- 1900s in Texas

>Since I’ve been posting rather a lot of Edwardian images lately from magazines and catalogs I thought today I’d share a few “real people” photographs.
These come from rather an odd photo album.  As far as I can make out it is from a Texas family who somehow involved with cattle and oil, as rather a lot of photographs have images of those type of things.  Over time the keeper of the album tore out photos, replaced others, or just plastered more over the top of older ones. It’s quite curious, actually!  On this page there were also photos of children and babies from the 1910s or early 1920s, and there’s greeting cards all the way up until the 1940s throughout the album stuck over other images.  But here’s just a few of a couple of ladies and one gentleman dating from the early 1900s to share today.

 These photos are rather blurry and yellowed, but here you can see a lady in a lovely dress with a tiered skirt, and great button accents.  I just love the way the blouse opens up at the front to reveal what looks like lace underneath- almost like an intentionally open shirtwaist dress.  The shape of the sleeves and the matched contrast cuffs are rather lovely, too.  I also seeing the shadows of the photographers in some of these old photographs.

Two wild women of the west, in two rather different modes of dress.  The lady on the left looks as though she is wearing a knit jumper with a turtleneck and a cap or nautical style hat.  The lady on the right has a more feminine mode of a pleated skirt (oh, how I love it!) and a really lovely blouse. I really love this era- the full blouses tucked into the skirts with high waists.  It’s such a great silhouette.

And not to leave out the gentlemen! This gent looks as though he may be sitting in a carriage and we can just catch a glipse of what looks like a vest and dark tie with a very high necked collar.  Love his bowler as well.
Happy Wednesday!

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