>Can you help me? What is the Origin of this Vintage Ensemble?


I got this set with a vintage 1930s evening gown last year and it’s a bit of a quandary to me.  As far as I was told the lady who owned these was the wife of a naval officer who followed her husband around the world.  I *think* the seller said said they traveled in Asia.  Does anyone know what these items are, and what their origin is?

The skirt is silk and has very 1930s style construction with snaps up the sides and pointed insets at the bottom of the skirt on each side.  The bottom of the front is embroidered and the back has a train which is also embroidered.  It’s an almost orangey red color.  There is a flat item that looks like it’s faux straw- maybe a form of plastic- which is embroidered in the same motif.  Perhaps a presentation case?  And there is also a pair of shoes.  There is a stamp on the bottom of the shoes but I can’t quite make it out.  Something like “Chineleria Masikap” then I can’t quite make it out… something like “Villakueva P.I”.  Any help identifying what these are or where they would have come from would be much appreciated!

*edited to say*  Thank you!!!  Several of you have commented that they are from the Philippines.  I am grateful

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