>More Progress on the Bustle Dress


There has been some sewing progress!
This weekend I did some handwork on the underskirt and added some little trims and accents by hand.  Since the theme of the convention this year also involves medieval inspiration I thought the little ladies heads added a bit of an homage to the pre-raphealite. I know the period isn’t quite correct for the dress but I thought it would be fun :).  Adding some turned back points and pearls also has a bit of a medevial/renaissance homage to the dress I think, plus gave me a way to tie in more of the striped fabric!
Still to come is a row of pleating underneath the points and possibly a row of trim above the points.  I tried to do my hemming lightly but it unfortunately does show through on the outside.  Nothing a row of trim can’t fix!
Hope you had a blessed Easter weekend!

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