>Edwardian Corset

> Here’s the start of my wedding corset :) It’s a creame silk brocade. And this is the first time since fashion school I’ve done flat felled seams. Didn’t come out too bad!

Last night I made pretty garters and made the edging lace wider for the corset then had to pin things on to see how they work. I know, I’m skipping ahead, but it doesn’t hurt to get an idea, does it? Besides, it’s on hold because I needed to order some more supplies and I need to get more help with boning/lengths/placement. And I heart silk ribbon and cotton lace :)

Finally! I just need new laces so I didn’t bother lacing it up right, and I descided to do the garters as detachable so I need some big hookie things and elastic loops. Does anyone know where to get the big hookie things for garters to attach to corsets/girdles? But yay! It’s wearable as is which means I can move on to the slip and do fittings!

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