>"You're The Tops"- In which I attempt to finish a crochet project


I am the worst person for finishing knitting and crocheting projects.  I am a novice at best and kind of fumble my way though most knitting and crochet projects.  If the project in question is clothing it nearly always turn out too big or too small. Lol.  But does it stop me?  Nothing but lack of prolonged interest will thwart my plans at attempting them, mostly because I need a project to keep my fingers  busy while sitting in front of tv or “watching” movies.
I’ve been attempting to teach myself crochet. Add  this to the self taught knitting, embroidery, and tatting, and I have a well rounded dose of not quite having mastered any of them, and yet being curious enough to fumble my way through and thoroughly enjoying the process along the way.
The little book  the project is from, Learn to Crochet from 1946, is aimied at teens but is really pretty great.  If it can teach me something without having a hands on demonstration it’s pretty good!  So I’ve been attempting to make up the “You’re the Tops” blouse, which they use to teach and master the shell stitch.  It’s coming right along! And it’s pretty speedy compared to the other knitting/crochet projects I’ve attempted to tackle in the last few years.  So yippee for adding another thing to my crafty skill set :)
Oh yes, and pure laziness has kept me from actually rolling the yarn into balls- thinking I would be bored in the first few rows and pull it out anyways. I am heartily surprised I have lasted this long and it’s kind of exciting seeing the yarn roll get smaller and smaller. Hehe.

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