>Started drafting yesterday and got the fabric mostly cut out.
*disclaimer* I’m pretty much fudging this together- meaning it may or may not be historically accurate, but hopefully it will do the trick.
This one is a combination of two Janet Arnold patterns- the back is the 1790s robe and the front is from the Regency gown I just did that I forget the name of- but extended to be pulled in with drawstrings… is that called a round gown? I’m blanking on this and nearly every book I have has little to no info on this transition period as far as construction goes. So basically I’m making it up as I go along. It was initially inspired by this dress
And fashion plates like these ones

The first mock up. And you can see how much too small the robe I made for costume college is! Luckily I had kept my patterns so I didn’t have to re-draft them.

Took it off and did some re-fitting and came with this:

And here’s me demonstrating to Matt how the dress will look:

And here’s Mr Charles trying to be me:

It’s all cut out, just gotta put it together now.

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