>Projects- Bustle and Crochet

>Though not both together or at the same time ;)
I finished my crocheted sweater! Well, nearly- all it needs are snaps at the shoulder and it’s done. I have tried it on and it fits! Hurrah! I will need to snap a few photos for the old blog soon :)
So I’ve moved on to another crochet project. I can honestly say I’m hooked (heh, get it?).  I’m honestly not sure which I like better- crochet or knitting.  I always thought I would prefer knitting, but now I have to say that crochet is in the lead.  For some reason I find my brain wraps around the technical aspects a bit easier, and I like how quickly the projects come together! I am finding it difficult, however, to find vintage patterns that are for yarn and not crochet thread.  This is from this free pattern at A Good Yarn and there’s lots of very lovely free knitting and crochet patterns from the same era on this same site.

I’ve been slowly working on (read: procrastinating working on) the Bustle dress.  I was a bit distracted over the weekend by nice friend visits and laziness.  We had rather nice weather here, so spent part of Saturday outside in a sunhat reading 1940s Ladies Home Journal magazines and drinking Coca Cola and eating ice cream.  Now, really, I think that’s a fair trade for sewing time.

 I did get this mock up together last night.  The dress form and I are *ahem* differently shaped, but for a first go it’s not so bad.  This is a combination of two Truly Victorian patterns (one Natural Form and one Early Bustle) with a bit of fiddling to get them to line up correctly and shorten the back peplum, but I think I want to fiddle with the line of the peplum a bit more, as it still has a bit too early of a look for what I wanted to go for.  I’m planning on swooping up the sides a bit and probably shortening the back peplum. I also haven’t even really tried on this muslin.  When I previously made TV patterns I shortened them two whole inches- one around the waist and one across to shorten the armscye, but I wanted to give it a go again and see if my figure has changed a bit (which I think it has- I don’t believe I’ve made one in over three years).  I’ll pull out the corset, put on the layers, and give this basic bodice a go after I fiddle a bit with the hemline/peplum.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! And if you haven’t seen it, make sure you check out Casey’s blog for a giveaway of the Sailor Playsuit Pattern!

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