2023 Sewing and Crafting Year in Review

It’s April and I’m finally just getting around to documenting my projects from last year! All may not be pictured- I’ll go off of what photos I’ve managed to track!


January started with finishing up the 1930s coat I made from fabric I bought from The Modern Mantua Maker. By the way, her book is amazing! Go buy it!

The pattern was for a swagger coat, and I have yet to wear this. I’ve been meaning to make a black version of my Moderne dress pattern to wear underneath, but forgot all about it. Maybe soon!


February through March was getting the bulk of work done on the circa 1910 “Eliza” dress pattern. More here

February was also for finishing up this knit 1910s coat I had begun a few years before:

March and April

March and April were for sewing my little girl a pretty easter dress. I used a vintage pattern, and decided to embellish the collar with bias of the self fabric and cute little button flowers I had crocheted years before.


In May I sewed myself a new Smooth Sailing set, complete with trousers (with pocket hack) and a blouse in handkerchief linen. Look! An actual photo of me! How shocking!

I also made two skirts from the “Merry Go Round Circle Skirt”

This black version taken in October with the “Harriet” blouse at the pumpkin patch:

I also made a new “Lana” blouse pattern and a circle skirt to match. More here:

I also sewed myself a striped jacket from a 1939-1940 pattern, but I can’t find a picture of it anywhere!


June was for replicating a cute 1920s dress I had found at an estate sale. I used vintage cotton fabric found at an antique store in Kansas City the year before while on vacation.

I also “hacked” the pattern I took off of the dress into beach pajamas for her! These were a huge hit and were worn all summer long.

June and July I made the new 1920s side tied blouse pattern from a block printed fabric, and I also sewed myself an early 1920s skirt. Let me tell you, that bias binding on the skirt was quite annoying to do, but the end effect was worth it! (The pattern is available for the blouse, but the skirt was made from an antique pattern just for myself)


In July I sewed myself and mini-me shirts from thrifted striped fabric.

In July I also made myself new Lounging at the Lido beach pajamas. More details here.

I sewed myself a 1930s shirt from this pattern I’ve had for ages:

And even made myself the shorts! And I even wore them!


In August I sewed my girl a two-piece set out of thrifted linen Ikea curtains:

I did sew the set, but somehow don’t have photos of it finished!


In August I spent a lot of time sewing the sample for the Promenade Dress pattern. More info here.

September I was quite ill, and we did go on a trip, so not much of anything for that month.


In October I started a massive Victorian dress project, which I did not finish, but hope to have done next year to wear on Halloween!

No photo description available.

It gave me the excuse to finally try out my vintage plaiter!

In October I also sewed my girl an adorable 1950s dress from a vintage pattern


And in December, I started knitting a 1940s vest that may be finished in a year or two, knowing my track record! I also finished up some knitted hats and some mitts, which I don’t have photos of.

In retrospect, I did spend a lot of time ill this year, but when I had my moments of happiness, a lot of it was spent creating! I spent our Summer Break sewing a lot for myself, most of which was not work related. I wore quite a few of these things with frequency, too, which is always a good sign!

I did spend most of my sewing time making work-related things, or things for my kid.

For 2024, I hope to sew more for myself just for the sake of making. It really does so much good for the creative soul to have non-committal projects to just do for enjoyment.

My favorite make of the year was probably the 1930s beach pajamas I made my girl. I think my most “clean” work was her Easter dress. My most worn was the 1930s striped shirt for myself. And the most challenging was probably the “Promenade Deck” dress, as such simple lines meant great precision. The personally rewarding projects were the “Eliza” 1910s dress and my Victorian project, as both were challenging but in a fun and creative way. I do enjoy fussing with trimmings!

That’s about it! Here’s to the projects of 2024!

1 Comment on 2023 Sewing and Crafting Year in Review

  1. Natalie Ferguson
    April 7, 2024 at 9:00 am (2 months ago)

    What a delightful year in making that was, so full of color and interesting cuts. Creativity, when one has the energy, goes a long way to soothe the soul after illnesses. The clothes you made for your daughter: I hope she will have them for hers – they’re that special.
    Very best,
    Nataliein KY


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