Lounging at the Lido- New Sample Photos!

If you’ve been around for a while you may recognize the Lounging at the Lido pattern. This was one of the first multi-size sewing patterns I made, way back in 2011!

It’s been a long since that original sample fit me, let’s just say that ;) So I was well due for a new version.

I made this for myself this summer. And finally, after all these years, I made the bolero jacket also!

Since I was investigating it further, after over a decade since making the original version of this, I did take the time to update the lines to color lines, plus a few little other things that make it closer to what I do for patterns these days.

The instructions remain the same (text only with no real additions to the period information). And the fit is unchanged from the period original.

This time around I used a very lightweight block print cotton. The solid is a plain midweight cotton I got that is a close-ish match. I made bias self trimmings from both fabrics. Because the block print would be impossible to pattern match, I used the green bias trimming to cover the join between the legs and bodice of the pattern. For the jacket, to make it cohesive, I added a little band of bias trimming all around the outside edge. I also used the print bias trim on the collar.

Of course, like all vintage patterns of this era, no trimming lines are given on the pattern. The pattern this was based on was of unprinted tissue paper with holes for markings. So, obviously, no trimming lines!

For changes to the pattern- for the pyjamas themselves I dropped the armhole depth for more comfort. The original armholes did run very small. I also added more buttons up the back. I will need a buddy to help me in and out of these when I use the restroom!

The original pattern suggested making slashes through which to pass the waist tie. But I didn’t like this idea, so just like the first time I made this pattern, I stitched my waist ties to the front of the pyjamas instead.

Now, the little bolero, or “Eton jacket”, was a little trickier to fit. So if you *do* make this, for sure make yourself a mock up. This original pattern was a mail-order pattern in the first half of the 1930s, and these could be notoriously finicky (aka off) for fit. Since this was based off of the period original, I didn’t redraft the base size.

For mine, I had to take in the shoulder seams, as they were quite sloped shouldered. I also lowered the armhole (and, of course, lowered the sleeve armhole to match). AND, most crucially for me, I needed to add a significant amount of circumference to the sleeve bottom edge. I’d say a good inch to inch and a half.

I really like that this pattern is totally waist-fluctuation friendly. It’s quite adjustable because there’s no darts to the bodice at all, so you can easily let it out or take it in by just adjusting your waist ties!

Here’s all my new photos. And hopefully I’ll eventually get some of me actually *wearing it* also!

If you did get the prior version of this, please do see the *errata* page on my website for a note on the labeling at the back bodice, which was switched in the original version. Just cross it out and re-label it on your piece, easy peasy. Or if you have a proof of purchase for the earlier version, feel free to contact me on Etsy or my website and I can send the color version as an e-pattern (I can’t re-send printed copies, but would be happy to send the e-pattern files,, which include A0 also).

Yay! Finally happy to have a version that fits me again! Woohoo!

You can find the “Lounging at the Lido” beach pyjama pattern at:

Wearing History Patterns Website:

Printed Pattern


Wearing History Etsy Shop

Printed Pattern


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