1940’s Rayon Panties- An Alternate to Satin Tap Pants

Did you know that 1940s gals weren’t just limited to “tap pants” or bias cut slinky panties?

Knit underwear were a thing, and they had been around for decades (if not longer).

This is from 1945, and these lace edged ones sound adorable.

From McCall Magazine, February 1945.

More options for 1940s rayon knit undies- these images from a Summer, 1942 Chicago Mail Order Catalog.

In this we have some cut in the “tap pant” style, some bloomers for girls, and the 1940s version of the “period pantie” (you’d still need your sanitary napkins or Kotex, of course- not like today’s).

This image is a knit rayon mesh, and cut similarly to what we think of as “granny panties” today.

A lovely commenter on Facebook, Sarah Westrick, mentioned that WWII issued underwear for the army women were wool jersey in winter and rayon jersey for summertime!

I have seen some 1930s and 1940s rayon knit garments in person and they’re a lovely, silky knit. Not at all like our modern, more paper-like, rayon challis. It’s more like an imitation silk. I’ve you’ve ever felt original 1940s “cold rayon”, it’s like that, and a very fine yarn weave. It would feel similarly to wearing nice silk knits.

I’ll update this post later if I run across originals- or if a blog reader has some in their collection and would like to share, please do send me a message or comment and I’d love to feature the garment from your collection here!

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