Congratulations to the 2015 Photo Contest Winners!


All the Facebook votes and the secret judges votes have been tallied and I’m happy to announce our winners in the 2015 Photo Contest!!

The first, second, and third prize winners receive the following:


Facebook voting had equal importance to the secret panel of judge’s votes.  It was very challenging because there were so many excellent submissions!  The three secret judges have different backgrounds so we’d get a well rounded vote:  Fine Arts, Vintage Fashion, and Historical Costuming.

It was a VERY close competition.  Some entries were only separated by one point.  Every single person who entered should be very proud of themselves, whether or not you placed in the top three!

Here’s the Facebook results, and what the judges said about our three winners:


First Place- Emileigh Rogers in the Tea at Two Dress

Public Choice vote on Facebook- 191 votes.

The judges said:

“The whole outfit and the styling is so believably vintage and very sweet and feminine.”

“this is a beautiful version of this 1930s dress. Her bag, shoes and hair are just lovely. The tweed contrast fabric is very nice!”

“Why am I craving a good Agatha Christie novel? If she isn’t walking away from tea with the murderer, then she IS the murderer and no one suspects it! Her choices of colors on the outfit are lovely, and from her hair to her sensible shoes, she’s spot on.”


2nd Place- Rick Callender in the Ruthie Blouse

Public Choice Vote on Facebook- 118 votes

The judges said- 

“…it’s too fun and creative. The tied up hair, the oven mitts… the ‘welcome home, honey, dinner is almost ready’ smile.”

“…The lipstick, the turban- especially the curly mustache! Also, a very sweet review!”

“… I have to give major props for the styling here. Lipstick, head scarf, casserole and oven mits and that sweet smile that says ‘dinner’s ready!'”


3rd Place- Lauren R. in the 1910’s Suit Jacket

Public Choice Vote on Facebook- 93 votes

The Judges Said:

“…the outfit is so beautifully put together, so well thought out, that Style is the word that comes to mind.”

“The red and black is a stunning and the silhouette of the ensemble is wonderful.”

“Wonderful color and styling choices on this jacket. I love the trim, the faux fur. Ive seen this jacket made in very simple fabrics but this look is fabulous!

– – – Honorable Mention – – –

Although these entries didn’t win the top three prizes, our judges still had excellent things to say about these top finalist’s entries, so I want to make the entrants get to see the praise the judges gave them.


Lauren in the Smooth Sailing Ready to Wear Trousers

“Absolutely love this look. The unexpected mustard shoes balanced the bright turban, which all pops on the subtle grey background.”

“I love this outfit to pieces! So classic and the unexpected pops of color are so fun. Perfectly done!”

“Something about this image draws my eye over and over… somehow it really works for me, and the image overall is outstanding. It’s the touch of reality (not everything that everyone wears every day MATCHES) that actually makes it very approachable, comfortable, and easy to like.”


Ginger in the Maisie Dress and Sash

“This is a great setting and a great photo.  I love the black and white.”

“…a well composed photo.  Her smile and attitude are very fetching, and the slightly out of focus background gives it a dreamlike quality. And the use of black and white heightens the nostalgia factor.”


Leimomi in the Chic Ahoy culottes

“This photo just stood out from all the others. The colors, the execution, nothing distracting anywhere in the image.  Just lovely. “

“This was hard… and several other entries seemed equally worthy to me. The color, clarity, and pleasing background did it for me.”

THANK YOU so much to all of the amazing contestants!

You all did an incredible job and I was honored and thrilled to see all your amazing photos!

If we do future photo contests, it will be a slightly different format. So feel free to keep leaving photo reviews for clothing you have bought or made!  It will not be done the same way next year, in order to mix things up a bit.

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