New E-Pattern! 1879 Victorian Dinner Bodice

I’m SO excited to announce the latest E-Pattern! Yay!

The newest pattern is a Victorian dinner bodice from the Natural Form era.  It is from an original antique period pattern, from March, 1879.  This is the first time Wearing History has delved into Victorian era clothing patterns :)

Originally made in faille & pompadour cloth, this bodice would be STUNNING for your Victorian era impression, your steampunk ensemble, or, as some ladies on my Wearing History Facebook page mentioned, it would even be fun in our modern era as a jacket over jeans!

This pattern has been “decoded” from original period source material.  In case you’ve never seen the old patterns as they were originally published in periodicals of the time, this is the pattern sheet which this pattern came from:

The patterns were in single sizes (not multi-size), with all garment patterns included in that issue overlapping one another.  The dressmaker would then trace out the pieces for their garment, as indicated in the legend on the side, by following different dotted line markings.  Luckily for you, I have done this hard work for you (as they DO make you go a bit cross eyed), so you can jump right in to mock up making or resizing, as needed.  The pattern is digitally drawn so is clean and crisp, and follows the original period pattern lines.

Included with this pattern is the original written period pattern instructions, transcribed from the original source material, as well as some added tips to help you with making your mock up and things to keep in mind while fitting.

You can purchase the E-pattern for this 1879 Victorian Dinner Bodice on my website now for $7.

Visit my site for more information on this new E-Pattern!

I’m hoping to offer more lovely Victorian and Edwardian patterns from original period sources in the future :)

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