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Free Knitting Patterns- 1902 Ladies Vests

Hello!  Happy Monday!

I’ve got a great little freebie for you today.  I am sharing two ladies vest patterns from Dainty Work for Pleasure and Profit from 1902.


There are actually two vest patterns included, but only one was pictured, which is the one above.

It was a little too tricky to post all the images here for the pattern, since there were several pages, so I compiled a little PDF e-pattern you can view, save, and print here.  Feel free to use it for yourself, or use to make presents. .  Since I took the time to scan in original source for free,  the only thing I ask is that you don’t re-sell the pdf.  Thanks :)

Don’t forget that antique needles were different than modern needle sizes, so check out this conversion chart to find out more.  It looks like these would be about a size 3, but you should make a swatch to figure out what would work best.

Happy knitting!


Free Victorian Knitting Patterns: 1854 Men’s Traveling Cap + Knitted Flowers



Two posts, two days in a row?  I’m on a roll!

Today I’m sharing a pretty cool couple of pages from an antique Godey’s Ladies’ Book from 1854 that I found in Missouri this summer.  I know I may be a bit crazy, but I LOVE this knitted traveling cap.  How steampunk is this?

As a little bonus, there’s a little over a page of instructions for knitted flowers.  There’s no illustrations, so you’d have to try them out yourself from the old written instructions and see how they turn out.

If you make either of these items, please share with me!


Click on the images below fora  large version that you can read and print.gentcap gentcap2

Free Vintage E-Pattern- Adorable Autumn Acorns Crocheted Border

Today I have a fun little freebie for you!

If your fingers have been itching to take up needlework again, here’s a cute little crocheted pattern from the late 1940s for a crocheted acorn border.  I’m sure they originally decorated things like household linens, hankies, etc,, but why not use them on a blouse, purse, or something to wear?  Maybe even a little hair accessory.

Have fun! If you make them up, please share photos!

Knitted Costume for Winter Sports, 1922

Today I’m sharing a freebie knitting pattern! This pattern originally published in The Modern Priscilla magazine in the November, 1922 issue.  The pattern is for size 36-38 bust,  and includes the jumper, knickers, cap, cape-scarf, stockings (size 9), and gauntlet gloves (size 6).  The pattern says:

“Clad in trim knitted togs from her bonnie head to her twinkling feet is the jaunty lass who queens it over this winter’s carnivals.  Don’t envy her smart, comfortable top-to-toe sports outfit just- make one like it.”

  If any of you are knitting whizzes, please share what you make from this pattern! I’d love to see!  Click on any of the images for a larger version to save or print.

1919 Gift Ideas: Many Little Things May Be Crocheted

Oh my goodness, Christmas is this weekend! Eep!  I am So behind this year.  Anyone else?

Well, rest assured, ladies in the past were not *that* different than we are.  The following article is from The Modern Priscilla magazine, December 1919.  This article begins by saying:

“This collection of small things meets the problem of a possible gift to be made at the eleventh hour for some overlooked name on our list.  We are all liable to encounter just such a predicament, though we always resolve to never be caught in that way again.  For such an emergency, the finger purse, vanity-bag, powder puff, or pincushion top are suggested, for they may all be made in a comparatively short time and will be useful and appropriate for gifts.”

So if you’re of the crocheting sort, here’s a few free patterns from 1919 that may be made as last minute Christmas gifts, or all the year round (if you’re slow like me and the “quick” project gets finished for next year’s Christmas).  Click on the images for a larger version to print or save.  Enjoy!

Finished Project + Free Pattern: 1920 Crocheted Tam

Hurrah! A finished yarncraftish type project!  I just finished up this new tam from a pattern from 1920!

My cousins were the crocheters in the family. We all picked up yarn-ish type crafts around the same time, and I went for knitting while they went for crochet.  I was was self-taught and may possibly be the world’s slowest knitter. Not only that, but I think I  might have self-taught incorrectly!  Something about it, I can never quite progress past a certain level and I’m really easily distracted which when you add slow speed + big projects means that I seldom actually finish anything, and when I’m done it doesn’t quite look how it’s supposed to. I’m much more likely to start something, get bored and put it away, then get inspired by something else some 6 months later, frog everything and start over. Ha.  No wonder I’ve only completed a few projects!

Not so with crocheting, however! I was inspired by my cousins, so picked it up when I was sick a year ago. I plopped down on the couch with a few old movies and a few 1940’s “Learn How” books, and picked it up relatively quickly. I’m still pretty darn slow in speed, but for some reason it’s easier for my brain to wrap around (har de har… wrap around…).  I’ve only finished a couple of projects.  I got entirely overly ambitious and went straight from crocheted circles in yarn to teensy little hook and size 10 crochet thread 30’s blouse (which isn’t even CLOSE to being finished and probably never will be)… but figured out I don’t really like the texture of cotton thread and love the feel of yarns.  Isn’t it funny how we’re drawn to certain fibres/textures as creative types?  So I’m on the hunt for non-difficult, non-cotton thread clothing/accessory type projects to crochet.  And darn it, if most of the super cute stuff is either in teensy tiny cotton thread or for knitting! If anyone has any tips or pointers for patterns I’d love to hear :)
Sharing the goodwill, here’s a freebie of the pattern dated 1920 that I used for the tam.  Maybe you can make up some for yourself or maybe even a few as Christmas gifts?
Click on the image above for a larger version of the instructions that you can save or print!
This pattern was super easy.  Why was it super easy? Cause I couldn’t figure out what the heck the stitch was for the pretty band and made it up with a popcorn stitch instead.  Let’s just call it “being creative” ;)  But I totally love it!  I also didn’t realize that instead of decreasing stitches I was actually making raised stitches (which I’m now doing on purpose for another pattern).  For only my second hat from a pattern I don’t think it’s too bad :)  And it’s nice and warm!  Maybe someday I’ll even add the pom poms.

Thanksgiving Menu Cards from 1922 and a Sale!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Since I probably won’t check in for the rest of the weekend I wanted to wish you all a happy holiday and send you my blessings and prayers for a great rest of the year.  There is so much to be thankful for this year, and I thank God for the journey He’s brought me through this year.  This year has not been without it’s challenges, but after we make it through the rough spots it’s so much easier to be thankful for the blessings and good things.

For a little holiday cheer, here’s a freebie of images from 1922 for Thanksgiving menu cards, or you could even use them as place cards.  Click on each version for a higher resolution version to save and print at home.  Included are the original color suggestions from 1922!  Print them on cardstock (after you erase the writing, or paste over it later with your choice of paper), and cut with an Exacto or similar razor/knife around the image above the fold lines.  Fold on the line, and you’ve got a cute little pop up to use for decorating! If you’re doing gifts or if you’re doing a buffet they might be fun little tags to use to say what dish is what.  If you make any up I’d love to see pics :)

As a special sale, since I am thankful for you, both my Pattern Website and my Etsy store are having a sale! Enter coupon code HOLIDAY20 at checkout on either site for 20% off purchases.  This offer does not include gift certificates, but all other items on both sites are included.  The sale ends this Sunday (11/27/11)   I don’t often have sales on my pattern website, so if you’ve had your eye on something for yourself or for a gift now’s a good time to shop.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!