Free Crochet Pattern- Circa 1915 Kimono Jacket

A while ago I came across an amazing little handmade scrapbook that included all sorts of needlecraft patterns someone had lovingly clipped from magazines from the 1910s. I’ve been meaning to share more of them (there are some if you scroll back through my blog posts), so here’s a little fun one from probably around 1915. None of the patterns are dated, but some of the pages include the magazine date. 1915 is my best guess based on the chronological sequence of the scrapbook. This jacket is a dressing jacket. One that you’d wear in your boudoir while doing your hair, etc.

Here’s the instructions! Sadly no size is noted, but perhaps a swatch worked in the pattern will help you guess bust size. Not that you don’t need to turn the page for the rest of the instructions because she has pasted the other instructions to the right of the image.

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Hopefully this little freebie, and the other blog freebies are just a tiny little gift of appreciation and love.


Lauren and Family

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