Free Crochet Pattern! 1918 Sweater and Cap

I’ve got a fun little freebie for you today!  I found this booklet at an estate sale last year and I’m glad to share this page.  It’s for a women’s crocheted sweater and skating cap from 1918.  I hope you enjoy it!  Below in an image you can enlarge and save, and here’s a link to the file as a PDF.

If you make it please let me know and share a picture!

I recently got an update to our scanner, and I’m super excited it included a program that converts images to text.  So, to try it out, here’s the text of the crochet pattern as well!


1st Row.—Ch. 75, skip 2 eh., make a row of short d. e.    Torn.

2nd Row.—Ch. 2, 1 s. d. c, taken up in loop on front side.    Repeat 2nd row.

3rd Row.—Ch. 2, increase by putting an extra s. d. c. (This is the neck side.)

11th Row.—At the end of the eleventh row you have now added 10 st. Now add 7 ch., turn skip 2 ch. as usual. 1 s. d. c. in each 5 added eh. Continue across row as before.

Work 10 ribs for shoulder. Decrease three every other rib by skipping first stitch.

In the next rib leave 22 st. at shoulder for arm-hole. Turn, leave 1 st. at armhole in each of the following 2 ribs.    3 ribs even for underarm.

Add in the following 2 ribs. In next rib eh. 24 for armhole, turn and work on added eh. and to lower edge.

Make 10 ribs for shoulder increasing every other rib. Make 4 ribs even. This is one half of the back. Reverse direction for other half of the sweater.

Sleeve.—Ch. 100 make 1 rib.

3rd Row.—98 s. d. c, turn 4 slip stitches s. d. c. to end of row. * turn s. d. e. to end of short row and over the next stitches, on foundation. 2 slip stitches, turn, 4 si. st. pattern to end of row. Increase in last st. at top of sleeve.   Repeat from k twice.

Increase in every other rib at top until there are 10 ribs from start.    5 ribs even.

Decrease at top every other rib until there are 20 ribs at wrist. Now work to within 18 st. from wrist end. 2 slip stitches, turn 4 sl. st. s. d. c. to end of row. Decrease at top every other rib as before. Turn k. Work to within 24 st. from end of short row. 2 slip stitches turn, 4 sl. st. s. d. c. to top.   Repeat from *.

Collar.—Ch. 27, sl. st. to end of ch., turn ch. 1 slip St., in each st. taking up back loop. 2 rows form a rib. Make 60 ribs on last row. Make a chain of 4 for small buttonhole, inch from the end.

11  si.  st.

Band  for  Bottom of  Sweater.—Ch.  12, until band reaches around sweater.

Cuff.—Ch. 18, make 31 ribs.   Join seam to seam.

Band for Pocket.—Ch. 6, make 18 ribs.

Front.—Make 10 rows of s. c. on right side. On left side make buttonholes in sixth row as follows: 2 s. e. ch. 4, skip 4 st. 27 s. c. Repeat to end. 4 rows of s. c. completes the left side.

Pocket.—Ch. 24 and make 9 ribs of pattern.


Skating Cap

Ch. 3 join, 5 star stitch in ch. Continue round and round until cap is desired size.

Trim with another color if desired thus: 3 d. c. in same place, s. c. in next top of star. 3 d. c. in next, continue around. Next row 3 d. c. around center d. c, catching: from underneath. Next row catch top center d. c. and next row catch around “d. c. from underneath again.

Make balls or trim with ribbon.

Balls. Wrap yarn around two in card board. Tie in center and clip.

Use Collingbotirne’s ART-650 Wool and Artificial Silk Four Fold

Get the Free PDF here!


1 Comment on Free Crochet Pattern! 1918 Sweater and Cap

  1. Anna Meyer
    October 17, 2017 at 1:52 pm (7 years ago)

    So cool! My grandmother could have worn the same outfit as a young woman.

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