Announcing Scroop Printed Patterns!

Introducing Scroop Printed Patterns!
I’m so excited to have teamed up with The Dreamstress to offer Scroop Patterns in paper printed pattern format!

Scroop Patterns by The Dreamstress

Scroop Patterns are designed in New Zealand by the popular historical sewing blogger, Leimomi, of The Dreamstress.  Up until now these patterns have only been available in e-pattern only in format.  When she was out visiting last summer we talked about the possibility of paper patterns, and I’m so excited to announce that we now stock the Rilla Corset and the Ngaio Blouse in the Wearing History shop!  As of right now, we’re the only shop in the world that offers these in paper format!

Scroop Patterns are printed on lovely bond paper with a bound pattern booklet and come in a zip bag.  No cutting and taping pages together required!  We are sure you’ll be pleased with the beautiful presentation and wonderful instructions that come with these sewing patterns.

Of course, if e-patterns are your preferred pattern type, you can but those directly from Scroop Patterns.

Are there other Scroop Patterns you’d like to see in paper format?  Let me know in the comments!

Click here to go shopping!

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