My Christmas Gift To You- 1910’s Holiday Wish Book Catalog

Hi all!

I meant to get this up to you before Christmas, but you know how it is getting ready for the holidays!

As a special freebie and special gift for my friends, followers, and customers, I’ve scanned in an entire 1910’s holiday gift catalog for you to download.

This catalog has jewelry, books, and gifts that would be given in the pre-WWI era, and I think you’ll enjoy them.  They might even give you ideas for what to give your vintage loving friends and family next year!

1910s Holiday Gift Book Catalog

The file is large- over 21MB, so make sure you’re on a good connection on your home computer when you download.  I don’t suggest adding it to mobile devices.  You will need a PDF reader to view the file.


Enjoy!  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Love, Lauren

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