New sewing pattern! Veronica 1940’s Coat


Introducing Veronica- 1940’s Coat Pattern!
In sizes 30″-42″ Bust. Special Intro price until 12/23!
Now available on my website in printed pattern and epattern form (non-EU epattern, printed pattern worldwide)
E-pattern also on Etsy for worldwide customers:

This is from the first half of the 1940’s, and would be suitable for WWII impressions. Hope you like it!

For my sample, I made the pattern out of a lovely plaid wool I have had for several years.  Instead of cutting the pocket on the straight of grain, as the pattern suggested, I cut it on the bias.  If you also want to make it in a plaid with bias pockets, I recommend purchasing more than the fabric given on the yardage chart.

R120 Veronica Coat Pattern R120 Veronica Coat Pattern R120 Veronica Coat Pattern R120 Veronica Coat Pattern

Why “Veronica”, you may ask?  Because this style of coat reminds me so much of Veronica Lake- especially in movies such as Sullivan’s Travels.  Of course, the pattern is not in any way affiliated with Veronica Lake or the movie, but since I grew up with old movies I thought it would be fun to name this one in honor of her.

Hope you love it!  Sewing pattern tutorials for this pattern will be coming up soon. I wanted to help with the tricky bits like the pockets and making the shoulder pads from scratch.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, if I don’t check in before then!


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