2014- Sewing & Pattern Inspiration

Welcome to the New Year!  This one is going to be fabulous!  I can feel it already!!!

Many thanks on your comments and encouragement on the previous post.  You guys are the best!

For 2014, as of now (since I’m so easily distracted, in general), my inspiration for sewing projects and patterns are going to be:


(image source)

Regency!  Especially 1810s.  I love this period and want to make more daywear, especially a fancy pelisse.


(image source)


(image source)

Edwardian and 1910’s daywear.  Especially WWI era, since this is the 100th anniversary since it started. (More patterns from period originals are coming this year)


(image source)

1890’s, and Victorian tailored wear.  I LOVE sportswear, suits, and tailored Victorian clothing.  I’m hoping to get some patterns out from more of my Victorian era original patterns in my archives, and at very least, sew some more for myself.


(image source- Sew Something Vintage Blog)

And, a perennial favorite with me, 1930’s and 1940’s everyday wear, sportswear, and beachwear.  <3


(image source)

The only fancy dress on my wish list is a Robe de Style, because I’m looking forward to wearing one at Costume College with a group of friends!  I’m planning on doing one that’s more late teens than 1920’s, which I’m having a hard time finding inspiration images of!

What’s on your sewing wish list this year?

1 Comment on 2014- Sewing & Pattern Inspiration

  1. Rodellee
    January 2, 2014 at 10:39 am (11 years ago)

    I have a dress similar to the last 1920s dress you posted. It’s a pale golden 1920s silk with the panniers, not with a train like the one you shared, but similar in floral theme and shape. There’s lots of pictures at my site if you wanted more details of a similar dress! :)

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