1908 WB Reduso Corsets

WB Reduso Corsets, 190

The weather here has been rainy, and, without fail, rainy weather gets me anxious to make historical clothing.  Wouldn’t you know, I’m knee deep in working on a pattern that’s releasing soon that’s of the vintage variety.  I have serious costume A.D.D., as my friend Val, of Time Travelling in Costume, would say.

One of these days I’ll get around to finishing my Truly Victorian S Curve corset (which is a little earlier in silhouette than the image above, which is a hybrid between the S-Curve and the longer “classical” lines of the 1910s corset).  It ends up I cut it about two sizes too small in my real fashion fabric, a silk brocade I had been hording since before my wedding, and coutil.  I forgot I added extra seam allowances, and then, ages later when I sewed the mock up, used 1/2″ all over.  When I cut the real stuff I was befuddled as to why it was soo much small.  Then I remembered.  Whoops?

 But, until I figure out a solution to my corset making dilemma , I’ll just enjoy this image from the Delieator’s November, 1908 issue.  If you’re wondering what the future held for W.B. Reduso and NuForm Corsets, check out this prior post that shows an ad from 1911.

1 Comment on 1908 WB Reduso Corsets

  1. Val
    November 22, 2013 at 8:51 am (11 years ago)

    Yes, the weather is perfect for keeping you indoors and letting whatever grabs your attention to play with and makes piles on the floor *Squirrel!* and not get anything done.

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