Pretty Little Antique China


One of my weaknesses is pretty little antique china.  I don’t know much about it, but when I see them at thrift stores or estate sales I love admiring them and occasionally adopting them.  I was having fun looking up some makers marks and thought I’d share a few little snapshots of two of my favorite thrifted china finds.

This petite little teacup is my very favorite one I’ve ever found!  It’s got a lovely pearlized finish and little blue bubbles.  I call it my “mermaid teacup.”  It was made by Limoges and an internet source dates the mark from between 1892-1907.  I’m not really sure I believe it’s that old, but regardless, I really love it!

My most recent find was a set of nine little plates in this pattern.  I thought they looked rather Arts and Crafts, and loved the color pattern.  I just looked up the mark (W A Pickard) and it ends up they were made between 1912 and 1918, so I was actually correct!  I just love these. I need to come up with an excuse for a little tea party so they can be used.

Does anyone else love these old china pieces?  Tell me about your favorite find :)

I also wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who commented on my Costume College project posts!  I was so thankful for your encouraging and complimentary comments :)  I still have lots of photos to go through from the event itself so hopefully will be uploading some of those soon.


11 Comments on Pretty Little Antique China

  1. littleblackcar
    August 22, 2012 at 12:16 pm (12 years ago)

    I absolutely adore your Arts & Crafts plates! I never find anything that good at thrift stores. The best I’ve done is a few souvenir plates and some Morton Pottery cockatiels, of which I now have four color varieties (my grandfather was from Morton, Illinois, although he wasn’t associated with any of the potteries). I’m a habitual collector, though, and a kitchenware junkie, so I have to draw a line and stay behind it.

    • Lauren
      August 24, 2012 at 2:37 pm (12 years ago)

      Those are adorable!!
      I know what you mean about a habitual collector. I come from a family of them, so I come by it honestly ;)

  2. Casey
    August 23, 2012 at 5:01 am (12 years ago)

    Both those pieces are absolute treasures! The plates are gorgeous–good eye for dating them! I inherited my grandmother’s luncheon china set, which is a very bright and ornate “far eastern” pattern, and recently got an excuse to finally use them for an informal afternoon tea. ;)

    I tend to collect a hodge-podge of mismatched pieces (for that “tearoom look” that seems so popular at many of the tearooms I’ve been to). Partly because they’re easier to find–orphaned cups, plates and saucers–and also it appeals to my magpie tendencies. ;) lol.

    • Lauren
      August 24, 2012 at 2:37 pm (12 years ago)

      Thanks! I love them!
      LOVE that mix-matched look. And it’s a great way to use finds! I rarely ever see the old stuff in sets at thrift stores :)

  3. Becky
    August 23, 2012 at 6:46 am (12 years ago)

    I adore china and crystal! I think they evoke such glamour. Your china cup is so ethereal, and I love the geometric design on your plates – so perfectly Art Deco!

    I have been collecting china and crystal for about two years now, and have enough that I could probably have a formal dinner for up to 30 people, if I had the room! My favorite find is my Goldette china from the 1930’s. It is white and ivory with a heavy application of gold designs. But what I love about it is the undulating edge of the dishes. I have two similar patterns, Bancroft and Penelope that I fill in with during formal dinner parties so that don’t have to do dishes. They are very similar, but the Goldette is just that much more detailed to make it special. You can see it on my blog

    Now that I have the beautiful formal china, I’m wanting to add some with some color to mix in. I’m on the lookout for something with ruby or blue. Maybe even green! Then I’ll have to throw a dinner party to celebrate!

    • Lauren
      August 24, 2012 at 2:38 pm (12 years ago)

      I completely agree! There’s nothing like the beauty of the old china :)
      How fantastic are your finds! Wow- your blog is making me hungry :)

  4. Porcelina
    August 23, 2012 at 7:38 am (12 years ago)

    The Mermaid tea cup is amazing, as are those plates! Well found!!

    I like 1950’s crockery best, and have started collecting Alfred Meakin designs too. I haven’t done many posts on my finds, but there are a few here:

    Miss P xx

    • Lauren
      August 24, 2012 at 2:38 pm (12 years ago)

      Thank you!
      Oooh… the patterns on those are lovely!

  5. Qui
    August 23, 2012 at 11:31 am (12 years ago)

    beautiful pieces! I don’t collect, but I like art deco style, and the plate looks a bit art deco/20’s to me–very pretty.

    • Lauren
      August 24, 2012 at 2:38 pm (12 years ago)

      Thanks so much!

  6. Laurie
    August 26, 2012 at 1:12 pm (12 years ago)

    That teacup is lovely! I collect teacups and my favorite find was in a German town in Texas, not far from where I used to live. I bought my first teacup there and was delighted to find that it had been made in Germany. I have no idea how old it is but I like to think it came over with the original settlers in the 19th century. I’m part German so that added to the fun find.

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