New Pattern- Child’s 1940s Two-Piece Play Suit

New pattern time! I actually started this pattern last summer, when I made it for my daughter. I have finally finished it up just in time for this summer!

This pattern is available in SIZE 6 ONLY at this time. Mastering kid’s grading is still on my “someday I’ll do it” list. So it’s one size for now!

This pattern consists of a blouse and pleated shorts. Two pieces, for easy mix and match with this or other garments in the wardrobe.

The blouse is the iconic 1940s sportswear shape with the large collar and patch pocket. It has sports sleeves, which means a full range of movement! It’s not fitted, so easy to wear around and unrestrictive. You can easily put it under overalls or with other outfits.

The shorts are pleated at front and back, and each side buttons up with two buttons. There’s a one inch wide self belt that you can make to go along with this outfit. Classic 1940s!

Note on the samples- I did a few extra little things on them, as per my preference. First, I narrowed the fit since my gal is a little on the narrow side. I also opted to do the buttonholes up and down instead of side to side. I topstitched my pleats on the shorts for easy ironing (they don’t mention topstitching other than at the top.

I suggest some familiarity with vintage sewing for these, since there isn’t really much instruction for some parts. The button placket on the shorts and the collar both assume you know how to do that type of construction. Luckily, I did some of the blouse construction for the Montana Blouse, and the Montana Skirt has similar pleats. So I added a playlist here to my blog of the videos I did when that came out. I also recently uploaded a free 1950s sewing book, so I suggest referencing that for some of the other vintage sewing techniques.

If you’d like to get the pattern you can find it here:

Printed Pattern


Website: E-Pattern- Size 6- Mid 1940’s Child’s Two Piece Play Suit- Shorts Blou – Wearing History (



Website: PRINTED PATTERN- Size 6- Mid 1940’s Child’s Two Piece Play Suit- Short – Wearing History (

NOW, when I originally posted these shorts on Instagram last summer, I had several messages and comments wishing they came in adult size. Luckily, I do have a very similar pattern! The Rita 1940s shorts have front and back pleating. I would just lengthen the bottom edge a bit to make them work for this style:

You can make these with or without suspenders.

For the blouse, in that photo I’m wearing the Smooth Sailing pattern (this feels like many moons ago!), but to mimic the look of the child playsuit I’d swap that for the Montana blouse. Just omit one pocket and the flap, and it’s really, really close- use the blouse at right:

You can find the Rita shorts, Smooth Sailing Blouse, and Montana skirt and blouse all on my website. Just tap into the search bar: Etsy: and

Happy sewing!

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