Home Sewing is Easy- Free 1950s Sewing PDF

To help with your vintage sewing adventures, here’s a free 1950s PDF for sewing.

Keep in mind that 1950s attitudes were different than today, but despite this, this vintage book is full of great advice and tips for vintage sewing, and has a fun comic book style layout. Feel free to save it for your own use and reference, and use it as a companion for your vintage sewing projects.

I previously shared this years ago on my old website for free, then had it up on Etsy, and now figure it’s time to share it again on the blog! Please do subscribe to my email list to keep up with future pattern releases and blog articles.

Click on the triple dots, near the magnifying glass, for the option to save or print.

I’m not sure why the little “ghost” of my back is in the imbedded file on this post, but it won’t be in the file.

1 Comment on Home Sewing is Easy- Free 1950s Sewing PDF

  1. Ari
    May 27, 2024 at 11:16 pm (3 weeks ago)

    This is so cool, thank you!


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