Costume College- Thursday and Friday

Costume College 2014 has come and gone already.  I can’t believe it!  It was a great year, but it went too fast, as it always does.  I got to see some great friends who don’t come out every year (yay!) my regular friends who do come every year (double yay!) and met some new people, too (triple yay!)

Thursday Ginger of Scene in the Past and I drove up to the LA garment district to go fabric shopping.  Or, so we thought.  On the way up we were rear ended on the freeway :(  It kind of put a damper on the day.  So, after a bit of a mess there to figure things out, my sad little smashed car full of costumes made it to the garment district, where we met up with our other friend and roomie for the weekend for some fabric shopping.   I was a very good girl and didn’t buy anything.  But we saw some great exhibits at the FIDM museum, and Ginger found some great taffeta.

By the time we got to the hotel for Costume College, we were tired and hot, but we had a good few hours before our room was ready.  It was a long day.  Car accident, hot weather, and a long wait to unload.  I was in a pretty foul mood and decided to stay in on Thursday night and lick my wounds (and not subject people to a grumpy me. Other than my roommates, who were very patient.)

Luckily, Ginger snapped just a couple of shots with my camera:


One of my friends in her gorgeous tiki themed dress she made.


Merja of Before the Automobile

Friday I had an all day class.  I was making flowers in Candace Kling’s limited class Ribbon & Fabric Cabochons.  I want to make ALL the ribbon roses now.  Such fun!  Here’s a few I made in class.


I wore my Dust Bowl dress with totally non matching accessories, 50’s glasses, and a scarf over curlers during class. I was stylish. ;)

After class was the rush to get back, change into our outfits, and make it down to the Ice Cream Social.




Sara of Gilded Garb and Katherine of The Fashionable Past plus some familiar faces in the background (Lauren of American Duchess, Aubrey of A Fractured Fairytale, and Loren of The Costumers Closet)


Megan of MLSdesigns , and Ginger of Scene in the Past

I didn’t get any photos of my outfit, so I’m thankful the talented Jerry Abuan got a few of me.  I wore my gala dress from last year, but looped up the skirt and added a ribbon around the waist.

10590584_711229248953228_6470206318311025973_n 10365715_711229212286565_6470685371869001635_n

Then, the marketplace opened, and we all swarmed the dealers to check out the beautiful things for sale!


I was pretty good (not really) and only bought a vintage 1920’s lace lingerie set and Kendra’s awesome 18th Century Hair and Wig Styling book.

Coming next… Costume College Saturday

1 Comment on Costume College- Thursday and Friday

  1. Emileigh R.
    August 15, 2014 at 1:34 pm (10 years ago)

    This looks SO amazing! I’ve long wanted to try making a dress anywhere in the style from the 1850s-90s, but I haven’t been able to justify the cost and time because I have nowhere to wear it. It’s so wonderful that all of you can gather, learn, AND look fabulous together!

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