How to Make a Modish Hat, 1904

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Today I have a great article from the Ladies Home Journal from 1904 that tells how to make a hat for $3.00 (which equates to about $75.50 today, via the Inflation Calculator).  Although that might seem like a high price, we need to remember that ladies would usually only have one hat to last them through, in this case, spring and summer for a year.  They may even wear the same hat for several years and simply change the trimmings.  Most women didn’t have the luxury of having several hats or a collection of them, the way we can do today with our costuming or even our regular wardrobe.  So a little bit of an investment in a do-it-at-home hat could give a lady a hat that would be chic!

In the article it tells how to make the hat pictured.  If you try to take a go at it, please do let me know and share pictures!

Click the image above to be taken to a larger image you can read.

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  1. Sufiya
    April 29, 2013 at 9:30 pm (9 years ago)

    Have you ever read “The Art of Millinery” by Mme, Anna Ben -Yusuf? I especially enjoyed the part about “mourning millinery”; a very interesting social insight on the then-current times (1904) and times previous to 1900. Widows in Victorian times used to wear heavy veils to the ground; apparently the fashion finally changed due to the urgings of doctors, who were seeing far too many tragic incidents of women falling down stairs due to all this veiling. I also liked the observations on Frenchwomen, who didn’t let widowhood interfere with their focus on CHIC.