1953- How to Let Out a Dress

I recently acquired some vintage goodies from my late aunt, including what I believe to be a somewhat uncommon vintage magazine. This is from 1953 and was called “Everywoman Magazine” and seems to be geared primarily toward the Los Angeles area, judging by the advertisements for local restaurants and grocery chains. I found another one that was based in Australia, but this one is distinctly its own thing.

I found this little tip interesting and rather clever, although it would only work for a dress with long sleeves that you wouldn’t mind shortening to elbow length or shorter. But I think many of us who have been into vintage fashion for a while are used to our dresses mysteriously shrinking in our closets. lol.

I would not suggest altering original clothing in this way, as it can greatly affect the resale value. But for clothing we have made for ourselves from old patterns, it seems to be a good tip!

Let me know how it works out if you decide to try it! But do try at your own risk, as I have not attempted it myself so can’t vouch for the method.

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