E-Patterns Moved to Etsy

Just a quick note to say I’ve moved all Wearing History E-Patterns to my Etsy shop. You could previously purchase on both my website AND Etsy, but I’ve decided to keep them on Etsy only from now on.

The E-patterns have always sold very well on Etsy, and from a customer point of view, placing your order over there simplifies things as you can always access your files through your Etsy orders. See this Etsy post for more info on how to do that. No matter if I’m out of town, or my site is down for whatever reason, you can always access your files.

From a business perspective, having them over there simplifies things for me. For several years businesses located outside of the EU have had to collect and remit VAT for all digital sales made to the European Union. This means that, even though I’m located in the United States, I have to collect, track, and remit those sales through a VAT MOSS system. It takes several hours of time each quarter to do all of this. Me letting Etsy handle it means I get more time to spend making pretty patterns or time to spend with my family.

That’s all the news, really!

To celebrate the great migration, I’m currently offering 25% off E-Patterns in my Etsy store from 4/20/2019 to 4/24/2019.

Happy shopping! And happy making! Please go visit Wearing History on Etsy, and if you want the mailed paper pattern version you can still grab those on the Wearing History Website.

And, of course, if you need any help with a previous e-pattern order please feel free to reach out to me. Wearing History wouldn’t be able to do it’s thing without the awesome fans and customers like YOU!

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