1920s Sleepy Time Dollies & Clothes for Babies

Here’s two more cute scans from my recent acquisition of leaflets from a 1920’s Woman’s World Book Of (Left Blank.  Who knows?)

Oh, how I wish I had the time to get all the sewing in to make the Novel Suggestions for the Precious New Baby before I had my little girl.  Just in case there’s any aspiring mothers, grandmothers, or relatives, here’s some cute 1920’s inspiration for you!

Now that my girl’s a toddler, I still have time for these Sleepy-Time Dollies, however!  Originally you’d send away for the designs, but a little creativity and you can make your own design up inspired by these darling and simple stuffed dolls with embroidered designs.  I think the yawning one is especially cute!

Click on either of these images for a hi-res file to save and print!

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