Update: E-Patterns and Digital VAT

*Update- 2016-  I now sell E-patterns worldwide on http://wearinghistory.clothing AND http://wearinghistory.etsy.com.  This post is no longer relevant, but in case anyone stumbles across it, I wanted to give updated information**

Hi there,

This is an update post about the digital VAT issue I mentioned in my last blog post.  If you’re not up to date, read that first.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to build a new website.  I’ve been meaning to consolidate sites anyways, but this new website will be for both my sewing patterns and clothing, and I’ll be moving all items onto those sites.  I’m going to re-direct the old links to the new site once it’s up and running so you can still find me via wearinghistorypatterns.com and wearinghistoryclothing.com.  Eventually my blog will be directed to that new site as well, so everything will be under one roof.  Right now I’m spread out over four different websites, so that’s quite confusing and hard to manage anyways.

So, what does this mean for the digital VAT on e-patterns for EU buyers?  I’ve found that Etsy will collect and and remit the digital VAT, so all my EU e-pattern customers will be able to purchase e-patterns through Etsy.  They will still be able to purchase mailed patterns and clothing through my website, since I do not need to collect and remit VAT on physical products.

Why the decision?  Well, simply because it’s really complicated and difficult for me as a single person company to register in a EU country for VAT, keep track of all sales and VAT paid, collect all the required information (two types of proof of country the buyer is located), and keep that info on file for 10 years.  I already spend at least half of my time on administrative tasks between the patterns and clothing line, so adding more on that side of things will mean less pretty patterns and clothing will be able to be made.  And I want to make pretty patterns and clothing, because that’s why I’m doing this in the first place!  So, yes, there will be fees for me on the seller’s end, but if it means I can keep creating new products, then it’s worth it to me to pay the fees and not deal with the VAT on the administrative side.

My new website will have a banner for EU customers to click through and buy e-patterns through Etsy.  When I get the green flag from Etsy that their new VAT program is up and running the e-patterns will be listed on there and available for EU customers again.

Non-EU customers will be able to buy them on Etsy, too, but if you buy them on my new website it will be better for me (no fees!  no fees for me means more to invest in new pretty things for you!).

In the meantime, if you have bought E-patterns from my current site and have not downloaded them, I urgently suggest you download them now, because I can’t transfer your orders to the new site.

Kickstarter e-pattern backers- If you got a coupon code for your Kickstarter pledge, but have not checked out with the code yet, your code will be transferred to the new website once it’s up and running.  You can still redeem it at my pattern website now, unless you’re in the EU.  If you are in the EU, message me through Kickstarter so I can get you your epattern if you haven’t redeemed it already.  If you already checked out for ANY epatterns on my site (Kickstarter or not) make sure you download your patterns now if you haven’t already.  Previous orders cannot be transferred to my new system,  and I can’t see who checked out but didn’t download on the current system.

So, there you have it.

I’ll be posting once I get the new site up and running and I’ll come up with something fun for the launch.  Maybe a contest. Or a giveaway.  Or both :)

Thanks so much for your patience while I figure this out and implement the new plan!





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