Let’s Talk Styles!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s taken the first survey so far.    If you didn’t don’t worry, you still can!  I’m leaving it up so I can get as many responses as possible :)  You can find it on a previous blog post.


Time for survey #2!

I’m currently doing the researching and collecting info for getting my correct certification in my state so I can get all that settled, but I’m already gathering inspiration and ideas.

After my clothing collection is up and has reached it’s funding goal, the most likely release will be Autumn of this year.  After we meet the goal is when everything gets the green light and we get to go forward with making actual clothing!  How exciting!  Keep the Autumn season in mind when you take the survey.

The biggest factor, of course, to the success of this is to make something you aesthetically want and need!  Your input is very valuable!

Click here to take “Let’s Talk Styles” survey.

Have I mentioned yet how completely awesome you are?  Yes, you!  The one reading this post!  You are made of win.

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