Finally! Wearing the Sagebrush 1930s Blouse

We went to a fun antique tractor show this last weekend, and I finally got a chance to wear my finished 1930s Sagebrush blouse!

I released this multi-sized pattern based on the vintage original earlier this year.

Here’s the cover again for reference.

I just remembered to take a couple of snapshots at the very end of a very hot, sweaty, day, so I only got a few shots!

But here’s me with a gigantic steam shovel, similar to the ones operated by my great grandfather while helping build Los Angeles roads, the aqueduct, and the Hoover Dam (though this one is later).


Pattern blouse: Wearing History “Sagebrush” 1930s blouse- available in my Etsy shop and website and

Fabric: Japanese cotton chambray from the stash. Vintage lightweight polka dot cotton for contrast. Buttons vintage shell.

Skirt: Actually from a very late 1950s/early 1960s Simplicity pattern. Originally made this for Disneyland but never wore it. Fabric: cotton denim.

Shoes: Eastland saddle shoes.

Hat: Thrifted.


I loved how comfy the blouse was. I will note that I made the skirt a bit big, so it kept coming down, which meant my shirt kept coming untucked (the shirt is quite short). In future I would lengthen the bottom edge of the blouse, since it’s unchanged from the period length. I find extra length better for keeping it from coming untucked.

Although getting the blouse on was easy, getting it off white hot and sticky from a summer day out was tricky. In future I may add a snap side closure. Those 30s gals must have been limber!

I guess that’s about all the news here! So glad it’s done, and had a grand time wearing it to see old machinery!

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