Video Tutorial- Sailor Girl Playsuit Collar

I recently got a question about how to sew the collar on the Sailor Girl Playsuit pattern (#4001).

This was one of the very first multi-size patterns I ever did, well over a decade ago! It took a bit of looking at it to remember exactly how it went together. And so, here’s a quick little video to help those who also are stuck on the collar step!

It’s a bit different format/labeling than my more recent patterns, as it was one of my early patterns (see number 4001! Which was the first 1940s pattern I did, and black and white instead of color, and with minimal pattern markings) so keep that in mind if you decide to sew this one.

And a note- I did catch, after all these years, that the labeling on the facing was mixed up. The number is correct (Piece A), but the description should be “Blouse Facing”, so if you get this pattern prior to September 2023, just cross out the descriptor of “Skirt Side Back” and stick “Blouse Facing” on there for your reference. Whoops! It’s been added to the “errata” page on the side for future reference.

Apologies that this video isn’t the best quality, and the sound isn’t either! But hopefully a visual can help to see how to sew this tricky little bit of vintage construction. I really need to re-figure out how to make a temporary overhead camera mount, as mine doesn’t work anymore! And our dining room table doubles as our school table/sewing table/everything table. If you have suggestions please do let me know!

That’s it! Happy sewing!

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