All the “Leslie” 1950s Skirt Video Tutorials

The “Leslie” 1950s skirt is by far my best selling pattern of 2022, and I’m so pleased that others have fallen in love with this silhouette as I have.

This is my second Wearing History pattern to have an extended size option, one which I drafted to fit a plus size form based on body scans (I purchased mine second-hand, but it was previously used to develop patterns for JC Penny’s).

If you’re unsure which size pack to pick, the Misses Size pack is based on the original period pattern and retains the somewhat “wasp” waist fit of the 1950s. This was an era in which women wore waist cinchers, so it flares upward more from the waist to under the rib cage.

The adapted Extended Size version has a reshaped front piece, including the inside front curve and front waistband, and also a redrafted back piece, which allows for a more modern, straighter, waist shape.

This video explains those differences more in-depth.

This post shows how to add boning to the high waistband (not in the pattern, but helpful if you need more support)

How to sew the gathered and curved front skirt seam

And how to sew the back, side seams, and facings

I hope these tutorials and how-to’s for the skirt are helpful for your sewing projects!

If you want to buy the pattern you can find it here:


Misses Size

Extended Size

Printed Patterns

Misses Size

Extended Size

You can also buy the printed pattern on if you’re located within the USA.

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