1950s Wanda Jacket- Video Sewing Tutorials

Hey all!

Here’s all the 1950s Wanda Jacket tutorials in one handy space. With these tutorials an adventurous beginner should be able to tackle this pattern.

Intro, marking, and basic seams:

Sewing the Collar:

Sewing the Cuffs:

Attaching the waistband:

And also a few tutorials that are useful for this and other patterns:

Covered Buttons:

For bound buttonholes:

And an older video that may be useful: How to sew your own shoulder pads:

You can grab the epattern here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/907997645/

And the printed pattern here: http://wearinghistory.clothing/1950s-wanda-dolman-jacket-pattern-sizes-30-46-bust/

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