Sewing Year In Review 2019

Is this the latest I’ve ever done this post? Maybe. We still have three months left of 2020.

What did I do in 2019? In no particular order…

Past Patterns Button On Kimono Pattern. This is dated 1920s on their site, but I believe it’s actually 1919. I found a reference to it in a Delineator being suitable for morning wear or maternity. I have yet to actually wear this but it’s very comfortable!

1930s dress from a colorful paisley lawn. This was from around 1937, I believe, and from a vintage pattern in my collection.

An Easter dress for my little girl. I did whitework embroidery for this, which was quite fun. The pattern is Petite Poche’s Victoria Dress.

A dress I wore to Disneyland made of Peter Pan fabric! This was from a 1960 McCall pattern in my collection and was a big hit!

An Edwardian corset taken from a Mode Illustree pattern from the early Edwardian era.

An early 1950’s pool ensemble including a beach coat, crop top, and shorts. Three different patterns were used for this ranging from 1948-1950. All vintage patterns from my collection. Fabric is Birch Organics Barkcloth.

A cactus print crop top from a pattern from 1945. Fabric graciously given to me by Dressed in Time.

A dino jumpsuit for my little girl for a mountain escape vacation. She loves The Good Dinosaur. This was a modern Simplicity pattern, and the fabric is by Art Gallery.

A sample for the Montana pattern I came out with last year! Blouse made from the pattern, pants by Everlane.

I also made this set from the Montana pattern (available in my pattern shop) but by the time I actually got around to taking photos it was too small! Whoops!

A Mary Poppins costume for my little girl for Halloween! Self drafted.

A vintage Disney print 1950s shirt for Disneyland! Pattern was a mid 1950s McCall pattern in my collection.

A knitted dragon hood! Pattern by MukiCrafts on Etsy

I finished 18th century pocket hoops and a quilted petticoat that needs a hem, but no proper photos. You’ll have to take my word for it,

A 1920s dress made from a stained vintage tablecloth! Cobbled together from old patterns and ingenuity.

And a wacky early 1920s hat to go with it. The pattern for this is in my Etsy shop

A dress for my little girl from a 1920s pattern. Fabric is from the Downton Abbey fabric collection.

A dress for a night at the movies seeing Rebecca. I made this from a vintage pattern in my collection from 1938, but I hated it so promptly sent it on it’s way after removing the belt buckle ;). It was the fabric that was a poly blend, not the pattern. I’d love it in a silk or rayon.

A Halloween kitty cat dress for me and a dragon dress for my little girl.

A polka dot dress for a Minnie Mouse fan. Vintage pattern.

Samples for the Early 1940s Sports dress. You can get the pattern in my Etsy shop.

And a 1920s slip from repurposed fabric and using an original 1920s pattern.

Projects I didn’t quite finish:

An early 1940s jacket from white waffle pique. I just need to re-fit the sleeves and hem it and put a button on it.

A mid 1930s black and white swagger coat.

A victorian corset mock up. I decided to go in a different direction. This one was from Jill Salen’s Corsets.

And I think that’s it! Phew! More than I thought!

3 Comments on Sewing Year In Review 2019

  1. Natalie
    September 12, 2020 at 11:10 am (4 years ago)

    Such a pretty collection…especially like the pool set. It looks comfy and chic. I bet if it was made to a pattern, it’d be a hit.

    The 1930s slip reminds me of the party dresses the heroine Joy wears in the 1922 novel Dancers in the Dark, serialized in the Delineator and available on the internet archive. Her party dresses are all sleeveless and but look timeless, and I am coveting one, even though I’m way decades past her age :) You might like the novel…have been dipping into vintage stories and novels all summer. It’s a happy escape from kids’ homework, job, and pandemic worries…

    Very best,

    Natalie in KY

  2. Virginia Allain
    September 12, 2020 at 12:47 pm (4 years ago)

    I greatly admire what you do, especially since I’m phobic about sewing. I think the criticism from my Home Ec. teacher in the 1960s ruined sewing for me.

  3. Shazzah
    September 13, 2020 at 5:38 am (4 years ago)

    I wish I could be this adventurous in my sewing! This is a stunning collection and I love all the fabric, especially the pool side pink!

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