New Website, More Smooth Sailing Trousers, and Update for E-Pattern Backers

Cross Posted from Kickstarter, in case anyone missed it.

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to check in and let you know I have a brand new website that combines the clothing line and my sewing patterns.

So you can now find me at

I’ve still got to get the old sites to re-direct, but that’s where you can now find both the patterns and the clothing.

– Smooth Sailing Trousers and Clothing Line News –

The Smooth Sailing trousers for ready to wear have been a hit!  We’re almost sold out already (only about 3 pairs left in stock) and more have been ordered.  So if you didn’t get in on the first round, you can pre-order now on my website.  You’ll get them shipped to you as soon as I get them in stock.

I’ve also started working on new things!  If you saw me at Inspiration L.A. or Dapper Day, you got a sneak peek at a few new things.  They’re still in progress and will be a smaller run than the Kickstarter collection, but I’m hoping for a couple of new pretty things to be on the website in Spring.

And the Maisie dresses are in stock, but a reminder that those are very limited edition!  We only had about 35 made, and no more are getting made. So if you had your eye on it, might want to save and snag one before they’re gone!

– E-Pattern Backers –

For e-pattern backers who have not yet claimed your reward from pledging to the Kickstarter:  Please use the same code provided via Kickstarter messages on the new site to claim your e-patterns.  Since the old pattern site is no longer, all that info is now on

– E.U. Resident E-Pattern Backers –

If you backed the Kickstarter for e-patterns and are in the E.U. (European Union), please note that you can’t check out for e-patterns on the new site.  If you message me through Kickstarter with your email address and what pattern(s) you want for your reward, let me know and I’ll email the files to you.  The new digital VAT regulations prevent me from being able to sell e-patterns on the new site.  But for future reference, E.U. residents can check out for future e-pattern transactions on Etsy, because they collect and remit VAT for me due to the new regulations (the code for Kickstarter is not active on Etsy, so make sure you contact me directly so you can get your e-patterns you pledged for sent to you if you’re in the EU.)

– Photo Contest –

I have a my first ever photo contest going on right now!  You can win up to $100 credit to Wearing History by submitting a photo review of you in something you bought from Wearing History Clothing or a pattern you sewed from Wearing History Patterns.  For more info on how to enter, click here.

Thanks, everyone!

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