We’ve Been Building Robots, and Not for Halloween!

I mentioned in a prior post how I’ve been working part time in a theatre again.  Now I can share what we’ve been up to! I’ve been a stitcher on this show- Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots- a new musical to the music of The Flaming Lips and am very blessed to be working with other seamstresses under a very talented creative team.  We’ve been sewing fabrics and applying interesting shells and lighting I’ve never dealt with before to create pretty awesome effects.  It’s a huge group effort, and each costume changes hands and departments multiple times to get to the end result.  Pretty awesome, we’re all part of a robot building team!

Check out this video put together by the La Jolla Playhouse.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots will be making it’s world premiere at the La Jolla Playhouse in La Jolla (San Diego Area), California and will run from November 6 – December 16.  It should be pretty awesome!

To get tickets you can visit the La Jolla Playhouse website.

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