>A Crocheted Dutch Cap- 1924

>Off and on the past few months I’ve been trying to pick up crochet.  I started with little swatches, moved to an entirely overly-ambitious sweater which I will be lucky to finish, and have now been going through my vintage magazines and booklets looking for simple little projects I think I could tackle.  I’m not sure, but I might be able to make this up ;)  It reminds me of Irene Castle!

This little cap has a darling caption for the photograph- “A fairy web of a cap to keep the hair in order when motoring to the country club dance.”  Too bad some little munchkin thought their pencil would make the lady better looking!

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This pattern comes from The Modern Priscilla, July 1924.
Enjoy! If you end up making it up please share pictures :)

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