Podcast Episode 5- Vintage Ice Cream & Soda Fountains with Cary Farnsworth

Welcome to Episode 5!  In this episode we talk with Cary Farnsworth, ice cream man extraordinaire.

Cary is currently on Kickstarter raising funds to open an authentic 1920’s soda fountain and luncheonette.  I’m so excited to see him bring history back to life in a real, tangible, time travel experience way.

Make sure you give a listen to this amazing episode to hear more about soda fountains, ice cream, and how one man’s passion is becoming his reality.  And please support his dream!

You can find Cary on:





Side note:  I mistakenly said “episode 4” at the beginning of the podcast, but we’re on episode 5!  How time flies!


Cary doing his amazing thing!

Vintage images supplied by Cary of the type of soda fountain he’s recreating.

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