>Egyptomania- a Few of My Treasures

>I admit I’m an adventure dork.  The Golden Age of travel and exploration is overly romanticized in my brain (many thanks to Indiana Jones for that).  One of the things I just love is the influence of Egyptomania.

With the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1922 the world exploded with decorative arts and fashion inspired by the Egyptian mode.  The world went Tut mad!  Although I don’t own any items myself with neat pharaoh heads or scarab beetles or hieroglyphics, here’s a few of my treasures I’ve collected over the years that are somewhat in the fashion of Egypt-o-mania for show and tell :)

  This headpiece is one of my most favorite things I’ve ever found.  I believe it’s made of brass and has faux pearl accents.  There are lotus flowers decorating the sides and a little lotus flower that hangs that is accented cloisonette style.  The piece is adjustable, and in the third photo you can see how it can adjust by sliding at the centers of the three straps.  You can also adjust those to be wider or narrower on the head depending on preference.

 I found this little hand crocheted purse hidden in a midwestern antique store.  Although I was initially drawn to the lace, I gasped out loud when I saw the plastic handle decorated with camels and palm trees!  Whoever made the purse didn’t put much thought into how to get things out from inside, though, because the sides of the purse are sewn up and a zipper was put in the top.  There’s no slits to make the opening wider to get at your goodies inside!  Sure is pretty, though.

My most recent little find is this crocheted purse with camel decoration.  Isn’t it too cute for words?  It brings out the adventurous lady in me. I think I need a 1920s adventuress outfit with jodhpurs and a belted linen jacket!

For more links on Egyptomania, check out this one from The Cat’s Pajamas, this slide show of Egyptian inspired theatre design, and this post at Tea with the Vintage Baroness.  Jill of the Vintage Baroness blog also wrote a great article that you can read in PDF format here.

If you’re interested in a little DIY Egyptomania the Vintage Pattern Lending Library has a pattern for embroidered Egyptian dress trims.  Although it’s not very period I also spotted some Egyptian print silk fabric on this website.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week!

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